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how do you send the SIF for secondary applications?

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noraa Thu 20-Oct-11 17:30:37

do we need to do it recorded delivery something?
thanks in advance.

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Thu 20-Oct-11 18:50:14

I'm not sure what a SIF is - is it the form?

Our council (and most others I think) operate an online system.

bigTillyMint Thu 20-Oct-11 18:51:48

If you mean the handwritten application to the borough, our HT said take it by hand and get a receipt for it.

Or better still, do it online. We get email and text confirmations.

CeciC Thu 20-Oct-11 21:34:39

I assume that is "suplemantary information form" for each school that you applied, not the application to the LEA. I handed in my to the schools. I drove to each of them and hand them in. Ours had to be by tomorrow, so unless you go to the schools and hand them in, it'll be too late, unless you have another week.

Blu Thu 20-Oct-11 21:40:35

Supplementary Information Forms for most of the the schools in our borough have to be in by tomorrow, and could be posted, enclosing an SAE if you wanted a receipt, or hand delivered to the school. But foundation, academy, faith and free schools all have their own deadlines and forms, so check the admissions info for each school. You could have a busy day tomorrow!

There was a huge queue at our first prefernce school today with parents handing in forms, being rejected because they didn't have the council tax bill, signature form Primary Head Teacher, etc etc...much stress all round!

leosdad Thu 20-Oct-11 21:45:27

Does seem a bit mad having to give in the council tax form as we have two children at the school already and the school sends letters to our home address

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Fri 21-Oct-11 00:04:51

Good grief, sounds dreadful.

noraa Fri 21-Oct-11 07:38:08

I meant Suplemantary information form.
I handed it to school on Monday but was embarressed to ask for a receipt.sad

Blu Fri 21-Oct-11 14:20:02

I think there's very little chance of it disppearing if you handed it in to the school.
Don't worry, noraa.

noraa Fri 21-Oct-11 21:35:29

thank you Blu smile

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