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Minx179 Mon 17-Oct-11 23:24:47

Is it common for external moderation to be carried over to the next academic year?

DS2 took an accredited DT course. When we picked up his exam results, a letter was included stating that the school had been unable to get the work externally moderated in time, it would be done asap and the results forwarded.

We have still not heard anything.

Interested to know if this is common and is there a certain length of time work has to be moderated within?

troisgarcons Mon 17-Oct-11 23:42:28

Schools wont submit externally moderated units until they have drawn the last ounce of every pupil in the syllabus. If your son is Y11 - then 15 may is the deadline for marks to go in. What the external moderator wants to see is another matter.

Minx179 Tue 18-Oct-11 20:23:20

DS finished school in May, so they can't get any more marks out of the kids.

We haven't had a school moderated mark, just informed as above that they hadn't had time to get the moderator in and we would be notified in due course.

I would have thought they would have had enough time by now to get the work looked at, marked etc.

I'm hoping it only has to be moderated as the school only switched to this course when DS was in Yr10, so this is the first cohort to go through.

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