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Is pastoral care at Kings' school, Winchester good?

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roedoe Mon 17-Oct-11 11:54:41

Hi all. This is my very first post and I'm hoping someone out there can reassure me.

We are currently trying to choose a secondary school for our ds and very much like Kings' in Winchester. Our problem is that we just don't seem to be able to talk to anyone about specific pastoral care. Our ds is a good lad who works hard and gets good grades, however he's also very socially shy and gets very anxious in stressful situations, often resulting in abdominal migraine etc. Is there anyone out there who can personally recommend Kings' for its pastoral care and support? We really like the school in all other ways but the lack of ability to talk to anyone in their pastoral team is a real worry and at the moment is definitely making us think twice.

We have excellent pastoral support at our current primary and we know that Kings' gets outstanding from Ofsted, it's just that we can't get anyone to talk to us regarding our own particular issues!

Hope someone can help!

gramercy Mon 17-Oct-11 12:12:40

I know a little about Kings but not its pastoral care. If you are keen on that aspect I would recommend Thornden if you are in the vicinity. I would say their care is truly outstanding (as are their results grin ). Ds is a fully paid up member of Planet Geek and the Admissions person somehow managed to herd all the likeminded boys into one tutor group. Ds was thrilled to find a bunch of soul mates at secondary school. The Heads of Year are also very approachable and involved.

roedoe Tue 18-Oct-11 09:20:07

Thanks gramercy

I know friends who have kids at Thornden and know how good they are, unfortunately we are too far out of catchment to even bother trying. Our primary headmistress is looking into it for us by talking to some of her ex parents who sent kids to Kings', maybe that will sort out the problem!

Thanks for replying and really glad your ds is so happy! smile

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