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Croydon secondaries

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xyx Sun 09-Oct-11 21:00:08

Hi all, I would like your advice about Croydon secondaries as DS is in Y6 and we are moving to E Croydon by end of 2011. We have been to a few open evenings but haven't really got a feel for it all as they were so packed! The best thing would be to see them in action but that's not possible as we're working. Any thoughts from experienced Croydon mums out there? Church schools and grammars we wouldn't get into as we don't attend services and DS is great at maths but not considered more than 'above average' at English. have already had a rejection back from one. Private schools aren't an option either! Form has to be in soon and we're still dithering (and I'm flapping). Thanks very much!

Ladymuck Sun 09-Oct-11 22:44:41

Not many people move to E Croydon for secondary! Would you have a better selection where you are now and then for ds to commute back? Don't rule out church schools - Archbishop Tennisons takes 10 "community places", and is good for maths. If he is good at science then sitting the Riddlesdown exam may be worthwhile (412 bus goes there).

I guess that I would put Tennisons, riddlesdown, Shirley High and probably the 3 Harris Academies down.

Caoimhe Mon 10-Oct-11 18:09:19

Sadly you have missed the Riddlesdown exam.

Do you have to move to East Croydon in particular? You could move close to Riddlesdown (places do go on distance eventually after all the other criteria) or Shirley High (most places are by distance) - both are good schools. I think Archbishop Tenison's community places are also based on distance.

Harris Crystal Palace has a lottery and an exam and gives 90% of places to those within 2 miles - no idea how Harris South Norwood works! Harris Purley may be worth taking a risk on - Harris have certainly improved the results hugely since they took over the old Haling Manor.

Croydon has a ridiculous number of church schools (a third of the total!!!!). Good luck!

alison60 Tue 11-Oct-11 17:24:45

My children are at school in Croydon - one is at Harris Crystal Palace and the other has just left Harris Purley. I endorse everything ladymuck and Caoimhe have said. Unless you are moving into Shirley's catchment area you will need a safety school and I think Harris Purley is probably your best bet. Although the only reason the results have improved so much is that they made all the kids do a BTEC Sports, and there is no guarantee that the intake will change over the next few years, which is the only thing that will create a real improvement in results, even so, Harris do know how to run a school and I think they are a much more secure bet than the other new academies in the borough. Apply for Harris Crystal Palace as well though, its a very good school and you might get in.

xyx Wed 12-Oct-11 15:49:09

Thank you for your very useful advice, it's really appreciated!

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