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Advice please.

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Kez100 Wed 05-Oct-11 02:26:33

My daughter is in a small class of 12 for GCSE French - foundation. Target C.

In the first speaking assessment she scored a high D. She was (for background info only) the only one to sit on time. No one else bothered with the prep. The first writing assessment was timetabled for a week in June 2011 but it was suddey shortened to one week. This was frustrating as we were away for the weekend, however, she split the work up into bigger chunks and focussed. She sat the assessment on time. She was the only one. She was told she had a C. The whole class were constantly told (much to my daughters embarrassment) that she had got a C and she thinks it was done to cajoul them into preparing for it. Well, finally, they got their results this week and many got C grades. Then she turned to my daughter and said 'I think, looking again, yours might be a D because you forgot some accents'

She came home and toldme she felt sick. She felt used (in terms of the public you've got a C) and she couldn't believe 4 months later when she did - always does - everything she is asked to do, she is told she failed.

I am livid (and it takes a lot for me to get angry). She is currently completely very very embarrassed and really upset with the teacher.

Kez100 Wed 05-Oct-11 02:29:09

I should add, all the others did their assessment in writing -'finally after 4 months after the initial June date - last week.

magentadreamer Wed 05-Oct-11 06:19:57

Oh Kez your poor daughter. I would be livid too if my DD had been put in a similar position. I understand CA's can go down when moderated by the exam board but for a Teacher to tell the "world" it was a C grade on more than one occasion and then change her mind is really not on. It's either a C grade or it isn't. it's not as if her teacher was marking them in a rush was it, when there was only one paper to mark in the first instance. I can't offer any advice other than to tell your DD to hold her head up heigh.

Did you get her English papers remarked?

Kez100 Wed 05-Oct-11 06:35:39

English was a D but no reason to remark (it was early entry and Im sure it was fair). It was History that was odd and that wasn't exam but coursework moderated down. The school had to have everything remarked if they did and wouldn't do that as some might go down (fair enough) but they are offering resits in January because they had a HUGE grade D scoring cohort. Rate for C plus was half the norm.

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