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Bristol Secondary Schools - review your child's school!

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LilyBolero Sun 25-Sep-11 15:24:57

Would be really interested to hear your review of your child's secondary school in Bristol - whether you are pleased both academically and pastorally, whether you wish you'd chosen a different school, or are pleased with your choice, whether you were given the school without having chosen it etc etc.


barbie007 Sun 25-Sep-11 19:37:35

dd has just started Redland Green in yr 7 and she is very happy. I know it's early days but she's settled in well and loves going to school, which I think is the main thing at this stage.
It was our first choice school and we live about 500m from the school so we got in in the first round. The catchment only stretches to about 900m and it is hugely oversubsribed. Judging from the first few weeks, I can see why!

LilyBolero Sun 25-Sep-11 23:10:37

Lucky to be in the catchment!!! Redland Green is a lovely school I think, but impossible to get into if you don't live very very close!

crazymum53 Mon 26-Sep-11 15:17:32

My child has just started Year 7 at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple school. She has settled well, made new friends and is generally enjoying school. We are happy with the pastoral care and teaching and know many older children there who have done well academically and socially.
The school takes pupils from across the whole of Bristol but as its a faith school there are additional entry requirements.
They are having Open mornings this week for parents to find out about the school (Tues 27th September and Weds 28th September starting at 9.45am) so it may be worth going along to find out more.

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