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Pls help need to move DD year 11 before she gets in serious trouble

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Woonie26 Tue 20-Sep-11 12:13:25

Pls help my dd is starting to get into some serious trouble with people she hangs around with where we live, and go to school with, she again is grounded this time indefintley as cant trust her after a visit from the police, also taken phone and computer and access to facebook etc off her, and reduced my hours at work to be home when she is. We are trying to move asap, but housing market is struggling, there could be chance of job change for my dh to a different area which would be to good to turn down,and is near my family for support, she doesn't want to move likes where we live now, but if we stay she could blow her future away. Could we move her now. She does struggle with school and has already sat GCSE's last year with none above a D, which is what her school predicted for her she is on SA+, we're worried about what she will do next she has previously had councilling for bullying and self harming. Pls help struggling to cope

mumblechum1 Tue 20-Sep-11 12:15:25

tbh, I'm not sure that moving house is going to be be the cure-all, she's likely to seek out others in the new school like the ones she currently hangs out with.

Is she still self harming and being bullied? Maybe she's hanging out with people whom she perceives to be the hard kids who can protect her from bullies?

Tigerstripes Thu 22-Sep-11 17:28:39

How is she at school? Does she have any teachers she gets on with? Does she have any friends that are 'proper' friends, i.e supportive of her, don't get into trouble etc. It's good you are trying to intervene before it goes too far. I think you have to try and get to the real deeper problem. Did the counselling not help?

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