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Mill Hill County HIgh School, NW7

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magdalene Sat 17-Sep-11 22:01:28

Does anyone have experience of this school? I'd like to hear the good and the bad please!

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teacherofmaths Mon 19-May-14 14:35:43

The school is very good and quite caring overall. However, I would not recommend this school if your child has a personality. It is fine for the 'run of the mill' children who sit quietly and do not question.

Some teachers are very good and supportive but some are utterly childish and hold grudges and love to shout at 12/13 year old children to show their authority.

This school is going downhill and is not what it used to be several years ago when my kids were there. Other schools that were 'bad' are now coming up and have better results ie The Hendon School.

Think hard before you send your child there as the teachers can pick on some children and make their life hell. My neighbours detest the school and are taking their son out to go to St James Catholic.

However my kids did well 5 years ago but I know many parents that are unhappy with the teachers constant picking on children. I know a teacher/manager that works there and she is quite a despicable human.

mumoftwo100 Mon 19-May-14 16:41:08

a) This OP was made nearly 3 years ago, I presume she's already decided on secondary schools
b) Mill Hill County is one of the best comps in the country, the 10% exam places mean a very high achieving top set, and the 10% music places and 5% dance places mean the school also is very good in these extra curricular areas. Yes, exam places have been reduced from 25% to 10% giving a slightly more mixed ability cohort, but the school still does very well. I would say it definitely isn't for the quieter type, but for the social and extroverted type actually, judging by the kids I know who go there. Teachers from my ds's school have gone to teach there, and by on large they have all been excellent caring teachers who always went the extra mile. It is a very sought after school, and I do feel that teacherofmaths's post is very exaggerated.

Mum2409 Wed 21-Nov-18 13:07:09

So I am really surprised that only to threads on this site for this school. Let me tell you my experience with this institution. The deputy Head is a lier and cold as iceberg. She looks at children with hate and discussed. She thinks she can talk to the parents same way she talk to the poor children.
Some teachers are very nice but overall the motto for them is to set as many detention , make as many calls to parents and tell children to get out of my face !!
What happen to the carrying , listening approach teachers used to have .
The school is also know to permanently exclude children just before GCSEs so their can't go anywhere to set the exams .
Happen to more than few family's. Watch out if you considering to take your child there . If their have their own mind and speak the mind your child will suffer in a big way. Bullies are the adults in that school no children.
If anyone wants to disagree that's the opinion but this is happening and it's real.

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