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school trips - good vs bad

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42day Thu 15-Sep-11 14:38:37

Just need to rant about the cost of school trips already. I wouldn't mind so much if they were ever any good. DD doesn't never wants to go on them anyway and they never really learn anything. Do they? Or do they?

magentadreamer Thu 15-Sep-11 14:59:29

We're lucky in the fact DD was been on some fab trips. She's done various theatre jaunts in an evening with school, a couple of fieldwork trips for Geography which have been for the day. Her German Teacher dragged them all around the German market in town making them talk in German to the stallholders, they got the bus for that one. DD went with the Drama/Performing arts down to London and saw two shows for under £100 and no that wasn't strictly educational but DD had a fab time in London and is hoping to go next Summer again. DD also went to Germany for 6 nights which cost me the grand total of £150, they stayed with DC from their German link school so kept the price down. DD's German definetly improved as did her range of slang! DD's school doesn't go in for the big £2K to go to China for the weekend kind of trips as there just wouldn't be the uptake as it has a very socially mixed intake.

gramercy Thu 15-Sep-11 15:06:10

Thoroughly disagree, 42day.

Ds's trips don't cost that much. He went on history trip to Belgium - £89 for 3am (!) to 1am next day, all meals and travel. I couldn't have offered the same thing myself for the price.

He has also been on geography field trips (not very far) and a trip to the Sikh Temple which he really enjoyed and found fascinating.

Like magentadreamer, I haven't seen any expensive jaunts offered - and even if they were it would be a no from me.

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