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St Mary's COE VA school Cheshunt

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mummasita Wed 14-Sep-11 11:10:30

Does anyone know this school? Is it a good school? I'm looking for an in year transfer into yr 10 for DB. Thank you in advance for any help.

bruffin Thu 15-Sep-11 14:41:11

I wouldn't. It was a failing school for many years and the children that are there are not really doing that well.Most of the children that go there come in from Enfield, but because of the new building it is now attracting more local children in the lower years.

I don't have children there, but my dc's friends go there and I know children that started at level 5 and were still at level 5 in year 9.
There is also a bullying problem,as a number of dcs friends have been bullied there (my dcs are yr9 and yr11) I had to stop an incidence in the street, involving a friend of my dc. He said he felt initimidated at the school, this was about two years ago.

To be frank I don't think the head mistress actually likes children. She opposed a plaque/memorial to be placed by the school gates because it would get damaged by the children! She obviously has very low expectations about their behaviour. She also tried to suppress a bad ofsted report about two years ago

I think it has tried to improve but I wouldn't send my children there while the current Head is in place.

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