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Question for teachers re: Twilight INSET

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EvilTwins Tue 13-Sep-11 23:54:24

Wondering if anyone can help me... In a briefing this morning, our Deputy announced that we will be having a Twilight INSET on Wednesday 28th Sept. This is on top of one tonight and one on Wednesday 21st. Not objecting to the whole twilight thing - we're getting an extra day at half term instead. However, we have known about the one today and the one on Sept 21st since last term - the Sept 28th one was only mentioned today. This causes me (and others) problems with childcare etc. Does anyone know if SLT can do this? Or is there a minimum period of notice? They're all panicking about an imminent OFSTED (expected before half term) but are making no attempts to take into account the other committments that members of staff have.

Can I do anything, or is it just a case of sucking it up?

sqweegiebeckenheim Wed 14-Sep-11 01:14:53

Can you contact your union? Don't they have to construct something called a time budget in advance of the school year outlining how they will use the 1265 directed hours? Was this included as part of the 1265.

TBH, the TES website will have some good advice for you. A wise somewhat scary bunch the TESsers

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