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Has anyone any experience of Kip McGrath for Year 9 English?

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fedup4 Mon 12-Sep-11 17:09:58

I think my son could do with some extra work on his English, even though he is very reluctant. I think he may struggle at GCSE unless we do something now.

I was thinking of Kip McGrath but they work in groups don't they?

Or would a tutor be better? I don't know anyone who has one so don't know the best starting point to find a recommended one.

I have got the CGP English books - would these be a massive help if I went through these with him a couple of times a week, although like I said he is very reluctant which I suppose most 13 year old boys are.

I am also trying to get him to read a lot more as he spends far too much time on the x-box, blackberry etc which can only be harming boys' education in general surely.

aries12 Tue 20-Sep-11 15:49:08

He may prefer the idea of going to a tuition centre more than the intensity of a 1 to 1 tutor. Kip McGrath do assessments to identify weak areas and then target those, if you know these areas already then you could recommend they focus on those. They have small groups (4 to 5) and all students work on thier own individual programme.
They do offer GCSE English and they have a variety of resources to suit the students needs.
It's hard to do work with a teenager at home and to get them away from all the distractions..if they are attending a tuition centre or have to do work for a tutor then life becomes a bit easier for you...of course it's cheaper to do it yourself if you can get your child to cooperate...

fedup4 Wed 21-Sep-11 15:42:31

It just leads to more tension when I get the CGP book out and he doesn't see why he's got to do it.

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