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Any Secondary school teachers out there with a psychology degree?

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PrinceRogersNelson Mon 12-Sep-11 13:05:46

I have posted this in Going Back to Work, but thought I might get a few more replies here.

After being a SAHM for 5 years I am looking to go back to work. I have a degree in psychology and had thought I may be able to teach RE at secondary level. I would LOVE to do this and it is the teaching of RE that has made me want to teach. However I am now doubting I will be able to having spoken to my local University as they want a degree in RE.

If you have a psychology degree and teach at secondary, what do you teach and how did you get in to it?
Feel so gutted that my degree was so pointless to me.

sillybillies Mon 12-Sep-11 14:39:12

I teach psychology A level so there is work out there but its mainly at post 16 so limited in terms of number of jobs. My degree is biology so I teach science and A level biology as well.

PrinceRogersNelson Mon 12-Sep-11 16:12:02

That's what I thought. I really wanted to teach all levels at secondary. Do you enjoy teaching A level psychology?

Thanks for replying smile

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