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moving down on waiting list

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cwazycaz Sat 10-Sep-11 22:11:01

dd still wanting to go to first choice secondary school, but we keep moving down the waiting list. we are still officially in catchment area, but somehow still too far (just over a mile!!!)... not sure what to do....can't compete with people who move closer to school

CustardCake Sat 10-Sep-11 23:53:01

cwazycaz - that's really hard. Once you're on the list there is the expectation that you are moving closer to your goal so its very disheartening to find that, as the weeks pass, you go down not up. The lists are kept in strict order of the admission criteria so all the time that people move closer to the school than you are, this will happen which is very annoying but the only fair way of sharing out places I suppose.
Although there is nothing you can do about the lists, you do have hope that people withdraw from the list even if they are offered a place. As it gets nearer to Christmas, people will rethink staying on waiting lists as their kids will be settling in elsewhere and unless they are really committed to the new school / really hate their current school, more of them will stay put even if offered a place. Fingers crossed.

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