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Teething trouble at secondary - share any little gripes/confusions here..

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swanriver Wed 07-Sep-11 14:55:03

Ds1 keeps getting off the bus at the wrong stop because he is trying to make friends, chat...And I'm never quite sure when he will get home because of this or where he is (they are not allowed mobiles)
His padlock was the wrong size for his locker so he had to carry his stuff around all day (with a cast on his broken arm)
And yesterday his school issue, (non waterproof) knapsack was drenched in a torrential downpour
He was late for registration because he was chatting in the corridor first thing.
He spent his emergency bus money on Haribou (luckily didn't need it, but still...)

But I think it is going well otherwise grin
So far no proper homework...

Jools0812 Wed 07-Sep-11 15:09:58

Spent his emergency money on pizza and yazoo milkshake!
Torrential rain yesterday so (as agreed) I walked to the 'official' bus stop to wait for him (there is only one stop in our village). Got totally drenched, no son got off the bus (panicking mum). Got back home to find that the bus driver had taken pity on him and dropped him off at the end of our road!
Wasn't aware that he couldn't go to his locker during first break and had taken his lunch box out of his bag (not sure why!)so couldn't have any food
Gave him a front door key to let himself in...well don't know what key it was but it didn't open any doors in our house! Whoops!, thankfully neighbour was in!
Nearly missed bus home as he had taken his phone out of his back and left it in his locker (Again not sure why?)so had to run to locker and then to bus...just made it.
Yr 11's pushing to get onto school bus sent him flying [sad ] he is only little , bless him)
Desperate to make friends but not having much luck so far...fingers crossed. Bullied at last school so hoping it won't happen here, he has been through enough
One lot homework so far - we both had to read the agreement in the planner and sign it

upatdawn Wed 07-Sep-11 15:16:07

I'm sure I will have plenty to add on here in approximately 44 minutes time when DD returns from her first day!

swanriver Wed 07-Sep-11 17:25:54

ah Jools you have been through the same experience with keys money and lockers.
Ds1 is also desperate to make friends after being not exactly bullied but a bit isolated at primary, felt wave of depression seeing a whole gang of ex-primary getting off bus, but he was not with them (on another bus much later today) Thankfully his class was just let out later so exclusion was delibarate.

But he has had a good day today again, still not sorted padlock problem as he can't seem to explain what size is required (I have now bought 5 padlocks and will have to send them all in with him tomorrow hmm
Loads of homework, luckily not all due tomorrow.

swanriver Wed 07-Sep-11 17:26:42

I also feel like I was "up at dawn" what with one thing and another.

Kez100 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:21:35

Don't worry about homework - it happens eventually. Year 11 daughter has been back two days and has already written the plan for one drama mock Gcse essay of 2000 words, had Maths (30q) and French (30 spellings). All to be in before the end of the week! She would have had science for tomorrow too if she hadn't completed it over the summer.

upatdawn Wed 07-Sep-11 22:00:09

Well apart from missing the bus and being half an hour late home (I was panicking!) all went swimmingly for DD! Nice people in her form and didn't get lost too much. Only two more days and she can have a nice rest at the weekend - she's knackered already bless her!

happygardening Thu 08-Sep-11 10:25:04

In a few weeks we will all have forgotten about all these teething problems!

admylin Thu 08-Sep-11 10:30:10

This thread brings back memories about my school days almost 30 years ago! Nothing's changed then, except that we didn't have mobiles (allowed or not allowed)!

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