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Any Exams Officers - ?process obtaining confirmation exam result prior to issue of certificate

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gingeroots Sat 03-Sep-11 11:47:40

AQA say on there site
A free confirmation letter is available for those needing their exam results verified before original certificates are issued to schools/colleges

does anyone know how to do this ?
I spoke to AQA on Friday and they suggested this course of action and I foolishly thought that the links to the application form on their site re confirmation to 3rd party etc would include this ( and they didn't volunteer process on phone ) but it doesn't .
I'll phone again on Monday ,but just wondered if anyone had experience of this ?
Is it another thing that only the school can do ?
In which case I don't hold out much hope - apologies to all good and concientious exam officers out there ,think we have a new ,inexperienced ,overworked and undersupported one at DS's school .

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