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Are you giving Financial rewards for GCSE passes? And if so how much?

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AtYourCervix Fri 26-Aug-11 09:08:47

DD1 tells me the going rate is £50 for an A* but I think she's trying to fleece me.

TrillianAstra Fri 26-Aug-11 09:18:12

Tell her it's too late now - she should have negotiated before th results were out!

MigratingCoconuts Fri 26-Aug-11 09:20:59

no way! tell her success is its own reward!!

mumatron Fri 26-Aug-11 09:29:53

shock when I passed mine I got a pat on the back and a Harry Ramsdens fish and chips!

nagynolonger Fri 26-Aug-11 09:32:16

DS4 is the 5th of my DC to do GCSEs. We will all go for a meal at the weekend to celebrate but no £s will be handed over. He always struggled with english because of dyslexia so to me the C grades in english language and lit are worth more than his A* and As in everything else.

HeidiHole Fri 26-Aug-11 09:45:39

Ummm NOOOO the time to haggle is before the exams are taken!! grin

The money should be an incentive to study really hard so that you can get the £x not just after you get the results "oh you owe me £x"

Tell her she missed the boat but you're open to discussion about A-level's

mumeeee Fri 26-Aug-11 09:52:25

We did award our children when they did GCSE's. But not for the grades they got. We awarded them for the effort they put in towards their GCSE's. DD1 got 6 A"s and 4 B's which was good for her but DD3 who has learning difficulties only got one C the rest were D's and E's but that was good for her.

herbietea Fri 26-Aug-11 10:10:52

Message withdrawn

nagynolonger Fri 26-Aug-11 10:11:40

The reward for all of ours has been having a TV in their room. Pre GCSEs they were not allowed one after they were. It was nothing to do with the grades. All mine did work hard(ish!)

AtYourCervix Fri 26-Aug-11 11:42:44

she is negotiating for next year.

alemci Fri 26-Aug-11 11:51:50

may give her a gift. Her grandparentswill give her some money.

marriedinwhite Fri 26-Aug-11 20:00:37

In 1978 I got a fiver per pass - it was the most money I had ever had and I still have the Country Casuals skirt I bought in the sale and the lunch I had with my best friend in the new and trendy pizza restaurant (we had both only had it once before). I am afraid to say DH said "first year of tuition fees for 10 A*s, second year for 38 IB points and third year for 40 IB points." Sad but true [embarrassed]

NotQuiteSoDesperate Fri 26-Aug-11 20:06:43

Why does everything have to be about money? Surely, passing the exams is the reward?

We had this issue with sporting achievements too - parents who gave money per goal. We have never done this with either of our DSs, partly because they are such opposites. DS1 has SN and could never take exams, DS2 is very bright and is now at Uni. We have simply told both of them that we are proud of their achievements and have never given them monetary rewards.

They have never expected them either.

baressentials Fri 26-Aug-11 20:13:26

notquite There are children in my DS football team that are also given money for scoring a goal staying onside, being first to the ball, putting a good tackle in, smiling at the ref, turning up It drives me mad! When DS asks me what his reward is I tell him its a big pat on the back and that he should be make me a cup of tea for taking him! He is used to it by now grin

alice15 Fri 26-Aug-11 21:05:49

I can see why someone might do this in a bid to motivate a DC who really didn't get why they might be wise to put a bit of effort in, but personally I don't see the point in "paying for grades" otherwise. My DD has just done well at GCSE, but it's her life and her opportunities that she's creating by doing that - she's leading her life for her, not me, and she's the one who's going to benefit from them, after all. A meal out together to celebrate, or something like that, would be more the sort of thing we'd do, I think (DD currently away so haven't actually thought about it yet!)

NotQuiteSoDesperate Fri 26-Aug-11 21:07:44

Agree with you there baressentials DH was a PE teacher and he detests parents who give payments for goals etc. Says it ruins team spirit with the kids hogging the ball and not working together as a team.

eatyourveg Fri 26-Aug-11 21:26:22

grandparents do £10 per A

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 26-Aug-11 21:30:59

No, absolutely not as I totally disagree with the idea. BUT we bought dd1 some chocolate today and I will take her out and buy her a few things for starting sixth form with (she needs these anyway but they will be called her 'treat' for working so hard).

TalkinPeace2 Fri 26-Aug-11 21:48:58

In 1980 I got £15 for an A , £10 for a B and £5 for a C at O Level
with that money I bought a fountain pen I still use.
In 1983 I got £30 for an A £ 25 for a B and £20 for a C at A level
with that money I bought a watch that lasted until after I was married

cricketballs Fri 26-Aug-11 22:05:34

I brought him 4 revision guide books for the AS subjects he is taking! oh and the stationary needed for college grin

naughtaless Fri 26-Aug-11 22:19:59

No, we brought dd a filofax (who the bloody hell needs one of them in this day and age!!) for TAKING the exams, because thats what she wantedshock. When she took her 11+ we brought her monopoly.

cat64 Fri 26-Aug-11 23:31:40

Message withdrawn

Plonker Fri 26-Aug-11 23:54:37

I don't know what the going rate is, but I overheard a conversation in the staff room at work between two women.

One of the women had a little sister who'd just got her GCSE results. Apparantly she'd done rather well as she had received a hefty payout from mum to the tune of £750!!! shock shock


MotherOfGirls Sat 27-Aug-11 08:16:11

I was thinking about it as DD1 has worked really hard and achieved great grades but I decided against it as she is fully aware that the grades are her reward for the work she put in. (And all the money goes on her school fees!) We had champagne and her favourite lunch and we will be going out for a family meal when DH gets home as he's been away for a few days.

herbietea Sat 27-Aug-11 08:39:40

Message withdrawn

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