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Bexley grammar school

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Bols26 Tue 23-Aug-11 19:32:17

Hi,DD is going into yr 5 this September so beginning to think about secondary school. This is one our possibles but dont really know much about it. Any insights,anybody?

catwalker Wed 24-Aug-11 00:49:58

All the grammar schools in Bexley are very good. Try googling 'eleven plus forum' and look on the Bexley section. You'll find information about individual schools and tips on the rest of the site about passing the eleven plus.

I presume you know that you will need to live within a certain distance from the school, unless your dd gets one of the top scores. If you look on the Council's website under secondary admissions you will find details of distances Bexley Grammar has gone out to in previous years.

Odinsthunder Wed 24-Aug-11 13:51:35

Although, I am sure all the other grammar schools in Bexley are very good, I thiught that for my child, Bexley Grammar School was the right place for her. My DD has just finished year 7 at Bexley Grammar School(BGS), and I can personally say that it is a fantstic school. The only thing is that your child should be prepared to keep up with the amount of work and the school does prioritise in languages. My DD is taking French and Chinese, which I am slightly worried about. But BGS is a great school. I think your child would be really happy to be a student of that school.

Bols26 Wed 24-Aug-11 18:42:08

Thanks,Catwalker and Odinthunder,for your responses..quite glad to hear abt your child's experience at the the school(Odinthunder) and I shall go on the website and log on to the forum,Catwalker,although I've heard the forum is quite scary!!! I suppose its never too early..

catwalker Thu 25-Aug-11 00:17:55

I know what you mean about the 11+ forum being scary. Some of the posters are a bit obsessive and subject their children to the most unbelievable levels of preparation. However, the Bexley section is quite balanced. Some areas have 'super selectives' (ie schools which take the highest scorers) and parents in these areas are therefore anxious that their kids get the highest possible score. In Bexley schools are just selective - ie take all kids that pass, provided they are within catchment. Some parents will tell you you need a tutor - you really don't. Some gentle practice at home should do it if your child is genuinely grammar school material. I would also work on technique and timing. Good luck!

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