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Dreams, results and all that stuff!!

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bossboggle Sat 20-Aug-11 17:48:53

To all of the parents out there who are waiting or have just received their darling child's results and are at this moment running up the wall - think for a moment -YOU WILL BE PROUD OF THEM NO MATTER WHAT - they are healthy - I have a DD who is disabled and will never have a job and her care is 24/7 - that's what I do - if I do my job well then my DD will have a reasonable quality of life. To all of those parents of healthy and happy children - results are good but not the end of the world - be grateful that they are happy and healthy anything else is a bonus!! Trust me. Any achievement that my DD has is a success, results aren't everything people, a loving family and supportive friends win out everytime. My DS gets his results next week so that should be interesting too!! I'll be happy for him no matter what he gets - he's happy with his life and he is healthy to boot so that just about says it all really!! Anyone care to comment??

mindgone Thu 25-Aug-11 22:20:42

Thanks! Refreshing perspective!

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