key stage 3 results- what do they mean?

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808080 Thu 18-Aug-11 18:58:28

My dauughter recently got her KS3 results, English 7+, maths 7 and science 7. what does this mean? she tells me nothing so although she seemed happy with these results i don't understand them and they didn't come with any explanation. does it mean 7 out of 10? Should i be happy with this? her teacher asssment levels were english 6, maths 6 and Science Ex- would appreciate any feedback.

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emilielondon Thu 18-Aug-11 19:56:53

Okay, you should be a very proud mummy! Broadly average for end of KS3 nationwide is a level 5 so your daughter is well above that, though for some schools the average is significantly higher, usually though not exclusively I have to say in the wealthier areas. A 7+ means she achieved at the top end of a level 7 and a straight level 7 means within that bracket. This means she exceeded her teachers' expectations in English and Maths but underachieved by a tiny fraction in Science as 'Ex' usually means 'exceeded' e.g. level 8, which isn't always actually achievable. It's all a bit complicated so I hope this makes sense. This has always been how things are in all the schools I've ever taught in anyhow! Your daughter is clearly a very bright girl and her teachers should be pushing her for A grade and higher at GCSE.

maree1 Thu 18-Aug-11 21:57:34

Can't help thinking that the school should have explained the scores to parents.

bossboggle Sat 20-Aug-11 18:17:36

WOW!! What a proud parent you can be!! For the SATS at the end of KS3 a child should leave with a level 4 in science, english and maths. If they leave with a 5 then they do well (my DS scored three 5's). In the average English comp a level 7 can be achieved at the end of year 7 or even in year 8, the first two years of senior school - so congratulations to your daughter!!

EvilTwins Sat 20-Aug-11 18:18:43

bossboggle - KS3 is the end fo Year 9. You're talking KS2.

kritur Sat 20-Aug-11 19:53:10

The end of KS3 scores should be taken with a view to her prior achievement as well as her raw level. Level 7 is the highest score at the end of KS3 except for maths where they can score an 8. I suspect she was probably on 555 at the end of primary so she has made the expected 2 levels of progress in her 3 years at secondary school so far. Broadly speaking a Level 5 at KS3 suggests about a C at GCSE, Level 6 a B and Level 7 an A with a good deal of wiggle room around (it's only a guide really). So she is at the top of the range of achievement for KS3.

ibizagirl Mon 22-Aug-11 08:23:23

My dd has just turned 12 and got level 7a and 7b in all subjects apart from pe. She didn't even get a "well done" off any of her tutors except for her form tutor. No wonder she sometimes says to me "why do i bother?". On her report it just said that they expect her to get level 8 in year 8 - no praise whatsoever. Plenty of praise from me though.

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