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School uniform still not in stock

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Lonnie Wed 17-Aug-11 15:26:34

my dd2 is starting school at a different 2ndary to her older sister. We are happy with the choice (1st prefernce for her) and with the induction for the school however the school has recently changed school uniform supplier to John lewis and they have still not got the uniform in stock..

Am I worrying to much? I hate the last minute feeling of trying to get the uniforms sorted out and this does worry me I cant get jumper or blazer together because they do not have it in stock.

The flier said to go to Bluewater John Lewis if you didnt have intrnet access We went because I wanted to see what size to use etc to be told at John Lewis that they didnt have the uniform as a sample but had been told to fit from another school and that you still would have to order online. Thankfully that isnt a issue for us but honestly how are people whom genuinly do not have access to online going to manage if they have just sent them to Bluewater??

I am getting worried I have to say I dont have massive faith in department stores online ordering services I know I wont be the only one waiting and that worries me too

vividgingerchilli Wed 17-Aug-11 15:28:55

I hope it all gets sorted out for you Lonnie.
I wonder if you are the Lonnie I know from elsewhere online.

janinlondon Wed 17-Aug-11 15:32:19

We are also waiting on a stack of uniform items from John Lewis for secondary. I know several others too. We start on 1 Sept. God knows what she'll be wearing if they don't get something in pretty soon!

said Wed 17-Aug-11 15:32:25

Nightmare isn't it? My eldest's school has just changed the uniform (thanks!) so, obviously, everyone needs new uniform. Just been told unlikely to get enough stock in before they go back to school. How can the suppliers have not known this would happen? I am usually last minute but thought I was being well prepared by trying mid-August.

Lonnie Wed 17-Aug-11 15:36:07

Vivid if the place your thinking of ends in world then yes I am..

and yes its a bit of anighmare and I honestly do not know what I can do. She has skirt and shirt and I guess will have to go in that but I will phone the school if it is a issue..

vividgingerchilli Wed 17-Aug-11 15:41:52

Lonnie, I don't think so but I am intrigued. I was thinking of a place called coffee.

TheOriginalNutcracker Wed 17-Aug-11 15:48:08

Just beware that one year our local supplier didn't have some the items i needed for dd, so we tried on cardigans etc from another school and ordered that size. However when they arroved they were way too small for dd as the sizing was completely different.

Lonnie Wed 17-Aug-11 15:55:40

I cant do much more than what I have done sadly I just hate how long its taking

crazymum53 Thu 18-Aug-11 08:11:16

My dds new secondary school is changing the uniform for all students this year too and are insisting that many items are bought from an independent supplier. These must be ordered as supplier does not hold stock in store. The only thing available to take away when we visited the shop was the tie! It is 2 weeks since we placed the order but have not heard anything yet - am not very impressed! According to school website, supplier will deliver orders to the school next week for collection but the shop claimed not to know about this - what is going on here !

spanieleyes Thu 18-Aug-11 09:05:50

Slighty off point but I recall, many moons ago, my school changed the lower school uniform from a pinafore to a skirt, just before Prize Giving ( a huge affair in the local concert hall-think orchestra and Royal Boxes!) Unfortunately the supplier couldn't get the skirts of the correct sizes in time so the three lower years were all given "borrowed" skirts to wear for prize-giving. Unfortunately most of them were HUGE and we were physically pinned into them! Luckily all we had to do was sit and stand in our places and sing merrily whilst clutching skirts ready to drop to the floor at any moment. But we looked nice from a distance!

spudmasher Thu 18-Aug-11 09:11:46

This may or may not help your situation, Lonnie, but we were instructed to click on the button that says 'email me when in stock' when it was not in stock, for one obvious reason (so they will email you) but also that is apparently how John Lewis know they need more of that particular item.

The whole John Lewis uniform thing is a bit of a nightmare tbh. You just want to go in, try it on, take it home. It's so complicated. My dd started at a new school mid year and had no badge, no coat but the school was fine about it. Hope it all gets sorted for you!

Lonnie Thu 18-Aug-11 20:01:38

Yes Ive clicked the email me when in stock but as they have just taken over the uniform and the school only became an accademy 2 years ago it would be blinking common sense for someone to say ok we will need about 200 blazers for the children starting year 7 in September..

But then again what am I doing asking a company to display common sense..

Hadjab Fri 02-Sep-11 12:34:29

I'm still awaiting items of uniform from JL which have been out of stock since June. My ds starts secondary school next Wednesday, and still doesn't have his blazer, tie, cap and tracksuit. I'm annoyed because I thought this year I'd be organised and not leave it to the last minute and do it all in June. I've been calling JL on a weekly basis, but keep getting told that they are having problems with their manufacturer and they can't give me a delivery date.

Lonnie Fri 02-Sep-11 23:44:48

well we have now managed both jumper and blazer (though I had to pay extra for delivery of the blazer) she starts Monday...

Only one problem I have forgotten to order PE kit from different place. blush

MigratingCoconuts Sat 03-Sep-11 08:50:53

I work at a school where we have just changed the uniform and are having problems with the suppliers. We have been advised that if the student has a note from the parent explaining the issue then this is fine and if I were you, I would ring the school to see what they would expect your DCs' to wear in the meantime.

Its a nightmare form the schools point of view too and I particularly feel sorry for the new year 7 kids who will be nervous about everything anyway. They do not need this at all.

ellisbell Sat 03-Sep-11 08:55:41

will not help with totally new uniform but do your schools not have any way to sell second-hand uniform? It would tide them over until items are in stock, can be needed when their uniform is stolen mislaid. It makes them look like they have an older sibling at the school. Take the obligatory photo when you have the new uniform smile.

crazymum53 Sat 03-Sep-11 12:14:43

My child's uniform has now arrived but took much longer than expected. Went for the buy blazer from M&S and sew on school badge option. Sewing on the badge was hard work but at least it means my dd has a blazer - know of some other Y7 parents who are stiil waiting for uniform.
MigratingCoconuts that sounds like the policy dds school have come up if parents have ordered uniform that hasn't arrived.
I wouldn't necessarily blame the shop though. Many stores seem to be operating on a "just in time" ordering system where they carry minimal stock and customers order the sizes they need. Looks as if the problem has arisen at the manufacturers or suppliers who pass the stock onto the shops.
Also think that schools will have will have to review this and use more than one supplier to ensure better supply and maybe reduce costs as well.

Lonnie Sun 04-Sep-11 22:54:21

The school has sent out a letter (1st Sep) explaing they have tried to deal with the issue and how disatisfied they have been with the "service" 2nd hand uniforms are not possible as this only changed to become an Accademy 3 years ago so none of the kids have 2nd hand.. if dd3 goes there perhaps..

we have now got it all and currently got dd2 on the sofa completely worried about starting new school tomorrow..

2 years ago we ended up w a 11 year old dd1 in our bed for the night...

horsemadmom Sun 04-Sep-11 23:18:59

Let's call a spade a spade. JOHN LEWIS IS CRAP!!!! Come on parents. Storm the HT/HM's office and demand that they have uniform supplied by someone else. You are just allowing JL to go on being crap because they have a monopoly and don't think they are at risk of loosing the business. It's just arrogant.
I have fond memories of ordering a duffel coat in September and being told in mid November that none would be arriving until March. I actually marched into the store, demanded to speak to the manager and loudly- in front of a crowd of parents waiting mealy mouthed- demanded that she explain to me why they were so CRAP! I got the 'suppliers at fault' and 'you should have ordered earlier (!)' and a round of applause from the other parents.

JL would go out of business in any other country BECAUSE THEY ARE CRAP!!!!

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