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Writing Frames

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Minx179 Thu 28-Jul-11 22:24:15

What is the criteria usually applied to a child who is offered the use of a writing frame to complete work?

How widely are they used?

cricketballs Fri 29-Jul-11 07:46:41

op can you be more specific in what context/qualification etc the writing frame is being used then a detailed answer can be given

cricketballs Fri 29-Jul-11 07:48:52

also how detailed the writing frame is e.g. is it a limited plan (general headings to be used and covered) or is it very detailed and just basically needs a word to complete a sentences

Minx179 Fri 29-Jul-11 20:36:46

I don't know any details about the design of the writing frame.

Background - DS was taking OCR ICT, in Feb 10 I was told he would struggle to complete both units, he would only be taking the first.

Jul 10 - LEA were informed DS had been moved to 1 GCSE in ICT from doing two GCSE (I am aware it's equivalents)

Nov 10 - Received a letter from school telling me that DS was being moved to unit one only as he wasn't coping. Queried due to Feb 10 conversation. Told first unit was monotonous they had broken it up with other work (unit 2).

Jan 11 - DS came home complaining he was having to redo work from start of YR 10, he didn't understand, couldn't remember/do etc. Queried with SENCO on a number of occasions (she's also our learning guide), no feedback on work, only that a TA had started supporting him.

DS also saying TA was telling him what to write. He went on study leave end of April, at same time SENCO contacted me offering him extra hours/support. DS refused as he didn't understand etc, in his opinion he would only finish the work if somebody wrote it for him.

I had a meeting at school end of June, informed DS had approx 17 hours of work to do to complete unit 1, school offered supervision so he could complete work, stating they could put writing frames in place to help him complete work.

DS wasn't aware of ever having used one before, though I think he has on occasion. It just seemed odd that he was offered the use of writing frames at that late a stage.

cricketballs Fri 29-Jul-11 21:16:17

with OCR ICT first off he needs to complete unit 1 (compulsory unit) together with a smaller unit in order to receive 1 GCSE equivalent if he is entered on the old specification. Therefore if his school are only getting him to complete unit 1 he will only receive a credit for it and not a full qualification.

In terms of the writing frames (I'm guessing his target is a pass) there is only a limited amount of explanation that has to be given at this level, it is mainly screen shots showing that he has completed each stage, e.g. formatting the headings on a spreadsheet, changing the data, showing formula. Therefore I would imagine that he has a set of instructions about what he needs to do and what the screen shot needs to show (data view/formula view etc).

Writing frames are very common for lower grades and I am sure that your DS has used them on numerous occasions but not realised.

The problem with OCR ICT is that it is used to bolster the league tables and that would be why they are pushing for him to complete but, as I said earlier, unless he does another unit then it would be a waste of time and effort to finish just the one unit.

Minx179 Fri 29-Jul-11 22:50:51

Thanks Cricket Balls - Very interesting post.

Para 1 - I was led to believe that doing unit one of OCR ICT 2 would still give him one GCSE equivalent. School even wrote this on his statement application and in a recent letter.

Para 2 - target was a pass. Letter from school Nov 10, states he is on target to pass.

Para 3 - I think you are probably correct in that he has used writing frames. I haven't seen very much of his work for any subjects during yr 10/11, so not sure how often/which subjects.

Low ability - 'predicted' used very loosely D's in most subjects. Apparently gained a D (just) in English Language.

Para 4 - Realise it is a bolster for tables, but if completion is a waste of time and effort, it makes me wonder even more why they tried to push for him to complete it.

He refused to attend the additional lessons they offered at end of June so has no evidence that he has taken subject for last two years.

cricketballs Fri 29-Jul-11 23:27:01

unit 1 is a 1/3 of the old spec qualification that's why he needs a small unit as well. (In the new spec, students need to complete unit 1, another large unit and a small unit to achieve 1 GCSE).

Just check that he hasn't completed a smaller unit without realising it as his school may have incorporated it within the scenarios for unit 1 and asked for extra work without students understanding what they were completing

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