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Youngest leaving infants school today *sniff*

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t875 Fri 22-Jul-11 12:07:34

Feeling sad today as youngest leaves infants school, i have had my eldest go through now my youngest. Its sad and strange to think i will have no more children to go through the infants school now as we are sticking with the 2! Although i have the urge a lot lately to have another!

Feeling slightly aprehensive too as my youngest is going to be with only a few friends when a lot of her class have stayed together, we have stayed positive with her about it and said you will meet up at break, she has got her very good friend, but this morning when she said who she was going to miss looking sad, it broke my heart! sad

anyone elses LO leaving infants today??

Erebus Fri 22-Jul-11 12:11:52

Hi, stick this on the 'Primary' topic! It's a different though related 'pain' when they leave primary altogether and head for secondary!

Good luck.

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