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sex education

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jmw62 Wed 13-Jul-11 10:14:27

My 14 year old daughter is doing Sex Ed at her Gloucestershire grammar school. She is a confident, intelligent girl and we have a good relationship. We discuss what she is taught openly (father hides in study!!) but she is shocked at how everything is promoted as if it is normal and acceptable for 14 year olds to be having sex. I am not shocked because it doesnt suprise me but I am sad and despairing. Why are we allowing schools to treat our young people like this? Why doesnt the curriculum allow the teacher to say - the best idea is to wait until your older to have sex and it is against the law under 16!!! My daughter will be fine but many of her peers are more easily influenced by these 'discussions' and need better guidance. I just dont know where to start.

cory Wed 13-Jul-11 15:43:18

I have never heard of a school where under-age sex is actively promoted or teachers are not allowed to tell the pupils about the law against under-age sex: are you sure your dd hasn't let her attention wander and missed something here?

maypole1 Wed 13-Jul-11 22:02:25

Yes I agree they basically say illegal at 16 but if your gonna have sex before here's how to be safe Ect Ect.

And try to make any teen who has already had sex not feel like a slut

To be fair I think thats your daughters perception.

Also I don't agree I don't want my son to be taught to wait till your older I want my child to be taught to wait till he's ready that might be 15, 18 or 20

And their are a fair amount 14 year olds having sex would she rather them treated like south sluts and pariahs

All parents have different ideas about what sex ed should be about I think the morality of sex should be left to me I just want teachers to teach how not to get a STD or pregnant also

Whats the shame is, is that people won't teach their kids about this at home and that it needs to be taught in schools at all

My son at 11 years old was the only one last week that could give a proper description of how a baby is made or what puberty involves

Thats the shame

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