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ocr business studies coursework as

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canistartagainplease Sun 10-Jul-11 13:41:40

Any teachers out there who can help. Although I think dc is stuffed.

have just discovered that dchild has only done one out of the 8 odd pieces they should have done for the customer services section of the course. Work has to be handed in early this week.
They passed the first unit with merits (whatever it was)but things have fallen away dramatically, and dc may have to not hand in 4 of the last units pieces.
Just how bad is a no-show on As ?
is there anything that she can do, does dc get credit for handing a title and writing there name at hte top?
Ok thats not so funny, but im sweating over this, and theyve obviously been hiding it.
Any ideas please?

canistartagainplease Sun 10-Jul-11 13:50:20

Previous unit Was (written) communication, if that helps at all.

canistartagainplease Sun 10-Jul-11 14:28:35

Ignore this (as you have done)
We're stuffed.

Jamillalliamilli Mon 11-Jul-11 20:23:20

Hi, didn't want to see you ignored. If you can give the course code I can find you the percentage of marks that will be lost. (It will be on OCR's website)

Re-sits for most boards are Nov and Jan and the student possibly could just take the exam then, if teachers will allow them to continue with A2 in the meantime? (am home ed so not sure if schools allow that but Home edders use re sit opportunities as first go's sometimes)
Please don't just give up, there's always a way to sort things out.

canistartagainplease Tue 12-Jul-11 09:54:13

Thank you so muchfor replying, I sounded a bit petulant, and i know i don't automatically deserve an answer, i'm just frustrated, and in spite of trying to be practical it really is one disappointment after another.
I even changed my name last week,after 2 years, not really sure why, now, but definaitely related.
Anyway , justgettingonwithit thanks for replying, you're a godsend.
I dont think it will do any good rumination at the this late stage, now. I contacted the relevant course tutors yesterday and dc is sending in work as it is completed. we'll just have to see.Thanks again for being out there.x

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