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Arts Ed V North Bridge House

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wanderingmum Wed 06-Jul-11 22:45:24

Trying to make a decison aboout where to send our 13yr old son to school. Has been offered places in Yr 9 at both North Bridge House and Arts Ed.

He loves perofrming but also says he wants to go to university and be a lawyer! I have three younger children going to school in North London. How practical is Arts Ed in Chiswick V trying to decide which school is best for him - help! (please)

thenevernever Wed 06-Jul-11 23:43:09

Not practical at all. Tbh I'm surprised youre even asking.

LetsEscape Thu 07-Jul-11 00:06:32

I agree the tube would not be doable but there is a good Overground train that goes from North London (Stratford to Richmond branch) he could travel to South Acton and take a bus to ArtsEd or to Gunnersbury and double back on district line to Turnham Green. Worth giving it a dry run.

horsemadmom Thu 07-Jul-11 01:00:37

Good for you for asking on here, M. Sorry, but your cover is blown with me. I can talk you through the pros and cons of a P.A. as I went to one. Quite a few in the Drama dept. went on to become...LAWYERS! The greatest skill a kid can acquire is confidence and performing gives you that in spades. Sorry we won't see you next week but will find a moment to talk it through.

thenevernever Thu 07-Jul-11 14:13:03

If your ds is going to be involved in lots of performances, concerts etc that take place in the evening or after school then I would seriously question the idea of sending him all the way across london. Just think of all the late(ish) night travelling you or he will be doing in order to return home after events.
I have a neighbour who sends her dd to a school outside london and seems to be constantly driving off in the evenings to pick up her dd from various events that are miles from where they live.
What about sending your ds to a more local school and supplementing with a seriously good after school performance centre. There are a few in North London including feeders for the NYT etc,

thenevernever Thu 07-Jul-11 14:17:27

if your ds is going to be involved in lots of after school performances, concerts etc, then I'd be wary of sending him to a school across town.
My neighbours dd goes to a school outside london and she seems to be constantly having to drive off to pick her up from events miles away from home.
Surely there is the option of sending your ds to a good local school and then supplementing with after school performing arts? There are some very good performing arts centres in north london some of which have great success in feeding into the NYT etc.
North Bridge House also has some budding film stars so you wouldn't be out of place with the other parents.

thenevernever Thu 07-Jul-11 14:19:10

oops - sorry for double posting, my pc crashed and I thought I'd lost it all!

btw - not sure how I would feel about having my "cover blown" on a mnet post. Surely that would be better dealt with via email or personally? hmm

100lilgreen Thu 07-Jul-11 18:17:35

In my opinion, Arts Ed is a much more interesting school and although it concentrates in performing arts, he will come out to be very confident and whatever he chooses to do in future life, I think it will help him . On the whole, North Bridge House Senior is not very academic. Very small, very few facilities and I think that there are so many options in London which would give him much more than they could offer. Try City of London, Latymer, St Pauls, UCS, Highgate ... There are so many out there which have better academics but also have good P.A departments! The shows these schools produce are on a professional level usually!

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