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school food secondary

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mebaasmum Tue 05-Jul-11 10:03:55


Ds has just had his secondary induction day. Took his money for the canteen as instructed. Bought himself a yazoo, a plate of plain pasta, a doughnut and a can of something berry flavoured!! i am not too fussed for one day but its not what i want him eating every day for the next 5 years. I like the idea of school dinners but if this is the norm he will have to have packed lunch. where is Jamie Oliver when you need him. BTW they havent gone cashless yet

ruddynorah Tue 05-Jul-11 10:06:17

They choose what they want. If you don't trust his judgement send him with a packed lunch and give him no pocket money.

bruffin Tue 05-Jul-11 10:30:07

We are cashless and parents can decide whether dcs have "meal of the day" or freechoice.

seeker Tue 05-Jul-11 10:32:32

Sorry - this is something you can't control. Just don;t ask what he had for lunch and make dinners super healthy. Honestly. I've been there.

HarrietJones Tue 05-Jul-11 10:33:52

Isn't that part of being at secondary. Learning to balance bring hungry/eating crap/ trying to escape the school to eat iced buns for lunch <fond memories>

It sounds something like dd1 would choose. She certainly had Choc milk & plain pasta last time! I'm not bothered as there is a choice & I'll force provide a balanced diet at home!

mebaasmum Tue 05-Jul-11 10:53:25

Sorry, dont agree, education should be about education for life, Healthy food is part of that and schools shouldnt be setting bad examples. They should be pillers of excellence. It makes a mokery of healthy eating policies. On another note. whilst We ae quite capable of providing healthy food at other meals, not all families can for what ever reason.
+ Junk like this will cause an afternoon energy slump, and is more likely to cause behavioural problems in the classroom.

simbo Tue 05-Jul-11 11:00:12

You have to be the "educator" here. Most schools employ 3rd parties to run their meal services, and they offer a broad choice so as to get as many customers as possible. You just have to reinforce the healthy eating message at home and encourage your child to make sensible choices.

mummytime Tue 05-Jul-11 11:32:34

I do know schools where you can't have a cake unless you have something savoury (sandwich or meal), even teachers!
However what they can't stop is what my son does, that is go to the library to work on the computers rather than eat.

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