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Bishop Challoner

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SE12 Thu 16-Jun-11 22:37:44

Does anyone know the school? What's it like?

I know it's a catholic school, but is it very religious? Do you need to be catholic to get in?

I'm am interested in the school for my son from years 7+

Meglet Thu 16-Jun-11 22:42:03

The one in Amazingstoke?

SE12 Thu 16-Jun-11 22:56:53

Oh sorry, the independent school in Shortlands, Bromley.

MarinaResurgens Thu 16-Jun-11 23:33:39

You do not have to be Roman Catholic at all, just accepting of the fact that it is a RC school
I know someone whose son went there and they were very happy with it
It is a very inclusive school catering for a wide variety of abilities
He was struggling a bit at 11 tbh but BC helped him find his niche and he is now at FE college and hopefully off to university in September

Caoimhe Fri 17-Jun-11 22:18:11

I know a couple of children there and it seems like a lovely, caring school. You just have to go with the Catholic thing - it doesn't seem to cause any issues for non-Catholics. RS is compulsory at GCSE, though!! It has a range of abilities but because the year groups are so small each child is well-known to the teachers.

dobby2001 Tue 21-Jun-11 23:23:55

Hi SE12
We looked at thi school for yr7 and liked it enough to move my DD there at Easter (going into yr5). It is oversubscribed for senior school admission every year, even with a number of junior pupils leaving to go elsewhere (local state schools mainly or familes have moved so want something more local to them). They have an open day in October or you can phone to have a look earlier.

PM me if you want to discuss anything more smile

SE12 Tue 19-Jul-11 10:25:08

Hi dobby2001, how do they select then if it's oversubscribed for senior?

dobby2001 Sun 24-Jul-11 23:50:19

Sorry SE12, have only just seen this. They have an entrance test that all children sit, internal and external. If you go to their website, there are sample papers you can look at and download, although they are a couple of years old from what i know. I would highy recommend contacting the school who can send you the information and attend the open day, its very informative smile

SE12 Mon 25-Jul-11 09:51:29

So those who score the most in the entrance exam get offered a place? Do you think you have to live close to the school or is this irrelevant?

Thanks for your help; I will order an information pack.

dobby2001 Mon 25-Jul-11 23:54:57

Thats my assumption - I will know more in September when DD starts yr6. The children she is in class with come from quite a range, lewisham, sydenham, Croydon, Biggin Hill, and Blackheath, as well as closer such as west wickham and Beckenham. The school is very highly regarded for its pastoral care and family environment, whilst encoraging children to learn respect for those around them and for the wokr they produce, so I think this reputation encourages applicants from all over.

It is our only experience of private education and we have been very happy so far. The school is small by comparison to others so this is reflected in the facilites onsite and fees. But they make good use of the timetable to ensure pupils have access to a wide curriculum and are in the top five for exam results in Bromley Borough.


Muminlondon9 Mon 03-Mar-14 11:46:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Muminlondon9 Mon 03-Mar-14 11:46:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Bombaybunty Mon 03-Mar-14 14:11:19

Muminlondon, you seem to be putting the same post for two different schools.
Tower Hamlets or Bromley? People will get the wrong impression of a school unless you clarify which one.

Raidne Mon 03-Mar-14 15:19:13

Muminlondon9 cannot mean Bishop Challoner in Shortlands as it does not have 600 pupils, the headteacher is a man and the school is not inspected by OFSTED.

Blu Mon 03-Mar-14 16:52:03

MuminLondon is reviving numerous zombie threads from as early as 2006 to post the same thing hmm

diabolo Mon 03-Mar-14 17:06:34

I reported it. Not fair to cause such confusion and potential worry to other parents. She obviously means the Tower Hamlets state school.

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