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Ibstock Place School

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xxxyyyy Mon 13-Jun-11 23:03:08

What sort of grades do most children end up with in their gcse s?
Are the children pushed quite hard in their gcse years or is it a more relaxed 'you get what you get'.
The school, especially the new building, is so beautiful it's easy to put academics to one side and think what a lovely life they must all have there. But i'm interested.

stillfeel18inside Wed 15-Jun-11 09:20:04

I've heard the head is pushing the academic side now so I think the results are improving fast. It's meant to be a great school for "value added" - achieving potential, whatever level you go in at. My DS got a place but we went with a more academic school in the end, but with a big pang - Ibstock seems lovely. Now thinking about it for my younger DS.

For the actual grades, though, look on their website - that should have the info

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