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Independent All-Girls Boarding Schools

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caringyetconfused Sat 11-Jun-11 14:03:23

What do you look for when looking for top all-girls boarding schools for your DDs?
Which do you regard as the top all-girls boarding schools?

goinggetstough Sat 11-Jun-11 15:19:48

The same as with any school: academics(exam results over a few years), pastoral care, sport, music, drama, weekend programme and facilities( order of priority depends on the individual child). In addition I would want to check what the school's definition of full boarding, weekly boarding etc was as these vary with schools and it can be very important depending on the individual's requirements.
Questions I always asked included those about bullying, anorexia etc I have been unimpressed when schools say that they don't have these problems, what I always wanted to know was what did they do about them if they should arise!
Wycombe Abbey, Downe House, Benenden, Cheltenham Ladies College etc

5VO1 Sat 11-Jun-11 16:29:32

You can check out a lot of schools in The Good Schools Guide 2011 16th Edition (£39.95) which is completely impartial and features in-depth reviews of over 1,000 schools. Probably Wycombe Abbey rates the highest in terms of league table results for girls boarding schools but you should definitely look at a selection - horses for courses. If you are overseas checking out whether the school virtually empties at the weekend is important.

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