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11+ exams bromley / kent ? Is this needed ?

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jessica36 Sun 05-Jun-11 15:29:36

Excus my question but i really do not understand the entire 11+ exam system. (any links to read up on this to suggest are more than welcome - thank you).

We live in the Bromley kent area and i would like my oldest daughter to sit the entrance exam for a possible place in Newstead Wood (school for girls).

I understand we need to apply to Bromley council with this school as our favorite and she needs to sit an entrance exam at the school itself.

BUT ? Does she also needs to do the Bromley 11+ exam and/or the Kent 11+ exam on top of this ? I understand all these tests take place at the beginning of year 5?

I am trying to understand the way this all works but find it rather mind boggling to be frank. confused

Jess (mum of 2 girls)

ShellingPeas Sun 05-Jun-11 15:46:03

Not sure about the specifics of Newstead Woods but if you live in Bromley and don't intend sending your DD to a Kent grammar you don't need to sit the Kent 11+. Bromley sets its own 11+ exams.

Some who want a back up option will also sit Kent 11+ with a view to gaining a place at Tonbridge Girls Grammar.

BTW exams are sat in September of Year 6, not Year 5. Many people start preparing their DC for the exams at the start of Year 5 - although not a great fan of tutoring myself it is often necessary to compete with everyone else who does it, especially if aiming for a school which selects on score.

Look at the forum - take a lot of what is said on there with a grain of salt, but there is useful advice too.

english1 Sun 05-Jun-11 17:14:10

Bromley do not have 11+ exams - two schools in Bromley with selective exams are Newstead - girls sch and St olave - boys sch - however set by the schs themsleves not bromley council.
Nearest boroughs with 11+ are bexley and kent - these have grammar schools which bromley do not.
so your daughter will need to sit the exams for Newstaed - contact the school and list on the CAF.

LondonMother Sun 05-Jun-11 17:44:00

There's also Sutton, which has several grammar schools, and Dartford Grammar School, which is in Kent. They all have different exams! It's worth knowing that Bexley expects parents to register their children for their tests before the start of year 6 - or they did a few years back. I assume this is to try and keep the out of borough numbers down a bit, as I can see no other reason for it.

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