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Changes to GCSE exams..can any teachers out there tell me...

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mumalot Thu 02-Jun-11 18:27:54

I know there was a proposal that GCSE's would all stop being modular plus exams and change to one big final exam at the end of Year 11 just like old-fashioned o'levels. Does anyone know if this going to happen? Is it for all subjects? My oldest DC is currently Year 8 so trying to understand which system they will be/likely to be under for their GCSE's.

basingstoke Thu 02-Jun-11 18:31:44

New GCSE specifications are being introduced which limit resits (or at least change how resits can be used) and give a minimum proportion of the assessment units that must be taken at the time of certification (40% for Science at least). Not necessarily all in one sitting, unless the school chooses that option of course.

Abgirl Wed 08-Jun-11 17:00:19

mumalot there is a national curriculum review currently underway and new programmes of teaching will start from September 2013. It is likely that these may involve a return to linear qualifications as Gove has stated a preference for these in the past - however with this imetable it would be unlikely to affect your eldest DC.

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