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I could do with some advice from parents of secondary age children

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Saltire Tue 24-May-11 20:35:15

DS1 is currently in year 8, obv going into yr 9 in September. In Summer/Autumn of 2012 we are moving to either a diffenre LEA within England or to Scotland. ther eis a 99% chance that this will happen.

We currently have the option of living in married quarters at the new place (england) or going to our own house(scotland).
We also ahve the option of movnign if need be to scotland before the summer hols of 2012.

So, would it be better to move to new LEA before DS1 starts year 10, or would it be better to move to scotland before he starts?
Confused .com doesn't cover it

kangers Tue 24-May-11 20:39:58

Move before start of Y10- the longer at new school the better. Y10 huge with GCSE's so doesn't want to be settling in and doing exam work. Move as early in Y9 as possible. No brainer for me. (teacher and 2 DC in sec school)

Saltire Tue 24-May-11 20:43:27

Ok. My thoughts are
1 - move with Dses to Scotland and live in our house, leaving DH to "weekend" until he starts his new posting
2 - see if defence estates will move us in Jan?Feb of 2012 to new MQ(within differnet LEA)
3- can't think of a 3.

I don't mind either oprion 1 or 2.
however I cannot see Defence estates doing option 2 as they are tossers.

tabulahrasa Tue 24-May-11 20:50:57

year 10? Is how old, 15? Would that be GCSE year or the year before?

kangers Tue 24-May-11 20:54:26

Y10 is start of GCSE courses- they do lots of exams in Y10 now as well as Y11. option 1 a good idea. Check out exam system at school as Scottish schools are different to England. And of course enrol DC at clubs to help settling in. Find out size of school. Plus may need to make options soon- so get in touch with school when all definite.

Saltire Tue 24-May-11 20:56:54

I know all about the School in Scotland (its my old schoolgrin) and the exam systems, he'll be 13 when he starts in year 9, in September then 14 when he does year 10 in 2012

tabulahrasa Tue 24-May-11 20:57:02

Exams in Scotland are the year you turn 16 and Standard Grade is a 2 year course, that's why I was asking, I was trying to work out what the equivalent year is, lol

If he'd be starting halfway through the Standard Grade course - there's no point at all, he'll have missed half the course and won't be prepared for the exams.

Saltire Tue 24-May-11 20:59:01

Sorry if I sounded abrupt when I said I knew about Scottish sytems, it wasn't meant to come across like thatgrin. he did primary 1-4 in Scoland then since then has been in the English system. it's a difficult decision.

tabulahrasa Tue 24-May-11 21:04:06

no, I was answering Kangers anyway, lol

if you'd be moving at the beginning of S3, I'd do it...but then I'm biased, lol

kangers Tue 24-May-11 21:09:35

I think this sounds same as England- no idea what you mean by S3, but exams in year when turn 16 and 2 year course same as England, so I still think move asap- option 1.
Good luck- will be ideal if you know the old school. Plus he needs to get his accent back. :P

tabulahrasa Tue 24-May-11 21:12:49

oh the S3 thing was at Saltire

I think I've made this thread really complicated, rofl

school years are P1-7 and then S1-6 (primary, secondary)

Saltire Tue 24-May-11 21:19:45

If it was up to me, I'd be going to Scotland early 2012 (chnces of DH going off somewhere nasty for 6 months anyway) as, IMO, the education is better <hides>

kangers Tue 24-May-11 21:28:29

I cannot compare- but I am sure you are right as you've been there. Depends where you are now I suppose.
Hope DH is OK - and D

kangers Tue 24-May-11 21:28:40

and DC

cat64 Tue 24-May-11 22:41:49

Message withdrawn

senua Tue 24-May-11 22:44:51

Is he likely to go to University? If so, surely cheapest best to go the Scottish route?

alexandriana Tue 24-May-11 22:49:39

It depends on whether he'd suit the English or Scottish system better. If he's already in the English system it will be a smoother transfer to stay there.

What if the school have already started the standard grade (and intermediate) syllabus before S3? Also check if the foreign languages will fit.

Also factor in potential bullying if he's seen to have a 'different' accent.

bonkers20 Tue 24-May-11 22:50:55

I agree with those who have suggested moving sooner rather than later.

Decorhate Wed 25-May-11 06:51:55

Don't forget to consider the timing of choosing options - in England most pupils choose their GCSE options in the Spring of Y9. If you start a new school after that you might be constrained in your choices as all schools band the options slightly differently.

Obv may be totally irrelevent if you move to Scotland. But I would try to move as soon as possible either way.

freerangeeggs Thu 26-May-11 18:08:10

The Scottish education system is better. I've worked in both.

He'd be fine catching up with standard grade work, I'm sure. The final folios aren't usually completed until S4 anyway and they are assessing the same skills as GCSE.

He might not even do standard grades anyway - lots of schools are moving away from them and just offering intermediate 1s and 2s.

Jacaqueen Thu 26-May-11 21:04:20

Under the new Curriculum for Excellence everything is changing.

Standard Grades are being abolished. Replaced by National 4 and 5's.

Highers remain and are to be taken in S5.

Some schools are going to be making choices at the end of S1. They will then follow a two year course with the higher course work staring in S4. So this will be a two year course instead of only one year as it is at the moment.

Other schools will make choices at the end of S3 and some will continue to pick, as most do at present, in S2.

Find out what your school intends to do.

Ebor Thu 18-Aug-11 19:13:39

Raising an oldish thread... we are also moving England to Scotland in a few weeks. Eldest son going into S3. Currently just finished Y9 in England. Needs to choose options right now, so they can put him into classes, as they have already started the term. We have a list of options - some are marked as standard some intermediate 1, some intermediate 2 and 1 Acc 3! That subject is PrStu (no idea what that is).

His level currently isn't very good - as an indicator, he takes only single science. I presume we are looking then at standard grade subjects, and not intermediate.

Do they take standard exams at the end of S3 or end of S4?

He's only on target to get GCSE grades D in many subjects but we were of course hoping that he might get some grades at C. Anyone know what standard grade equates to? We would still be hoping for him to get whatever the equivalent of 5 grades C or above would be by the end of S4.

We are very confused...

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