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St Benedicts, Ealing - Views/experiences?

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tamegazelle Sat 05-Feb-11 19:39:30

I'm looking at various secondary options for my dd and would be interested in hearng from anyone with a child at St Benedicts. My dd is creative, definitely not sporty and a bit quirky. I know of a child who started this year who is extremely quiet and seems to have settled in well. Would be interested to know of other experiences.

westendgirl Thu 10-Feb-11 21:57:58

I have a son there. He is a "why? what if?, suppose that?" sort of child, not at all sporty, full of bright ideas. It is suiting him very well, he's happy and he's found some similar friends.

I find the school very human and the staff warm and approachable. Besides the academic side, which is good, they appear to be concerned about the children as people and how they are getting on socially. I have been impressed by the good relationships my son has with people from other years, and how they seem to look out for each other. On several occasions I have been struck by the thought that the school really does "teach a way of living".

It's very Roman Catholic, so if you have a problem with that, I would think carefully. There is quite an emphasis on charity, with SV de P as the main, but not only, focus. The rugby is also big, but they seem good at getting the whole school caught up in the enthusiasm when the teams are doing well. It is also strong in drama.

The Parents' Association seems quite active, but I'm not particularly involved. All the parents I've met have been very friendly.

rosieposy1 Thu 12-May-11 15:29:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thenevernever Thu 12-May-11 15:38:25

wow - what diverse opinions!
I don't know the school in question, but you might find info or other parents on the "independent" section of the elevenplusexams website.

amicissima Thu 12-May-11 16:37:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jonnyfan Thu 12-May-11 20:42:51

Headmaster kind and approachable! I have heard very good things about this school. No doubt anyone who had a child with SE needs would research the provision and decide accordingly. Are your children problem children, rosie?

thenevernever Thu 12-May-11 23:33:51

Why antagonise her jonnyfan?
Everyone is entitled to their own view, and to express it. Being rude about someone's children is not really on. If you want to insult her do it directly but don't bring her children into it.

Jonnyfan Fri 13-May-11 20:39:27

I asked a question. I did not insult her children. If she felt the school was so bad, why continue to pay for the fees? She has made several very damning accusations which the school will not be aware of, or be able to defend; eg "MAJOR drug dealing problems...". I don't think so! If my experience, parents who rail against a school have frequently had children who caused some problems themselves.

Jonnyfan Fri 13-May-11 20:51:35

Have just looked at the date on the OP message and realised that rosiposie resurrected this old thread and another 6 month old one just to post her nasty messages!

rosieposy1 Sun 15-May-11 09:58:46

I am only expressing my opinion and that of other parents Currently with children at the school. I am not intending to be nasty - this thread is to post opinions and experiences/knowledge of a school. My children are far from problem children - high achieving A/B grades with mild manners and we have had no problems with their behaviour. I feel a need to inform other prospective parents of problems at this school so they can at least see the whole picture. I am personally very sad that what I thought was a good school has turned out to be the opposite. Both my kids have been there for almost all their secondary education but as parents we have reached the stage of enough is enough - I am entitled to my opinion and it is one with direct experience. I just wish to be openly honest and there are many dissatisfied parents. All of whom are disappointed. If some of you are happy with the school then Im glad you have had that experience .

rosieposy1 Sun 15-May-11 10:27:31

I am just adding this statement - after 4 yrs at the school we are removing our children even though they wish to stay. It is a great relief to know that they will be attending a highly recommended selective independent school in central London. My opinion still stands - St Benedict's is a school to avoid.

Jonnyfan Sun 15-May-11 19:24:54

St Benedict's comes "highly recommended" by other posters on here. No doubt you would find some negative views of your new choice if you looked hard enough- no one school can please everyone. I hope you do find a school that suits you and your children better,

Tortu Sun 15-May-11 20:11:12

Blimey! As a teacher at a rival secondary school in the area, I would suggest that Rosy should maybe look at the local competition to get it in perspective. Drugs are really, really easy to get hold of in any school in London and, as most teachers know, children will find a way! In fact, in my experience, the richer the backgrounds of the children, the more money they tend to have available to spend on them and hence the worst offences I've heard of, come from private schools.

At least in my deprived comprehensive the children can only afford cannabis!

Rosie, St Benedicts is a very traditional school (slight criticism, but the only one) and has a very good reputation. If your children are happy and getting good grades, then keep them there. If your worry is drugs, then you're not going to get rid of their access to them by changing schools. You will, I'm afraid, just have to rely on your upbringing of the kids.

nowahousewife Thu 31-May-12 19:32:36

I removed my son from the junior school several years ago after deciding it was not providing him with the type of education best suited to him. He did not want to move as he was very happy there but since moving has even happier than ever and is now sitting on offers from both Westminster and St Paul's.

My son has many varied interests and whilst he had friends at St Ben's you were very much expected to fit into the 'mould'.

Cannot comment on the senior school but the junior school was a bit of a mixed bag with some good points and some areas that were definately lacking
Very much depends on your child and what type do school is going to be best for them.

beccyjo Sun 26-May-13 17:46:07

Dear jonnyfan and Tortu

Unless you have a child at this school please don’t be judgemental. St Benedicts is not the same school it was 10 years ago. There are many boys who are underachieving at this school. St Benedict’s have had a massive push to recruit the finite number of girls.

The social behaviour of some girls has been called into question. Parties and social networking have been a huge concern over the last few years as there is a massive imbalance in discipline and particularly to how some of the girls act within the school.

My neighbour has pulled her daughter out over the fear that she has been put into situations which she has been scared. Parties are a real issue and peer pressure is huge. The school is very naive, they have brought girls in on the understanding they are a co Ed school, but are inexperience with managing girls and their behaviour.

My son has left and is happy at an all-boys school. He is being taught by male teachers in a male environment which encourages risk, sport, the love of learning in science and maths.

It’s a real shame as there are plenty of boys who could fill the places at St Benedict’s, but they are being turned away by the selection process and the hidden incentives for girls.

If you want a good boys school - it will have to be Merchant Taylor - sadly it’s not catholic. Alternatively it’s a lottery ticket for the Vaughan or the London Oratory.

nice2chat Wed 03-Dec-14 13:15:45

I have a daughter in the senior school and she is doing well and is very happy. We are really pleased with all aspects of the school and would not wish to send her anywhere else.

goodcitizen Tue 13-Jan-15 21:48:50

Hi My daughter currently goes to Nursery in St. Benedict and She has been offered a place there. She is extremely happy and has shown significant progress in last 4 months . We may get her admitted to Montpelier but I was seriously thinking to continue in St. Benedict. I really headmaster Mr. Simmons in two to three meetings I had with him. He comes from humble background and really is caring leader.

I was really surprised with some of the strong negative feedback. Can some parents help me to make up my mind.

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