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kris123: did your son get into Eton in the end?

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greythorne Thu 03-Feb-11 21:09:30

anyone heard from Kris123?

PixieOnaLeaf Thu 03-Feb-11 23:07:07

Message withdrawn

JeffVadar Fri 04-Feb-11 15:35:35

IIRC her son had been offered a place and she wanted advice on where was the best place to take his Common Entrance.

He won't actually go until 2013.

dapplegrey Thu 24-Mar-11 20:55:17

I have also been wondering about this. If she was genuine, then good luck to the lad. If not........well I don't know what to think ;)

Bue Mon 28-Mar-11 19:59:39

I've just wandered into this section looking for the latest from Krisland too... say what you will, Secondary Education was far more lively with her around!

Madsometimes Tue 29-Mar-11 10:15:32

He got into St Olaves which is a super selective grammar.

I have no idea if she is still thinking of getting him to take the Common Entrance. Personally, I think she was for real.

OliPolly Tue 29-Mar-11 11:02:36

I read the thread and thought it was real.

Why wouldn't it be? Typical MN response - you can't be happy or have success ! LOL

lazymumofteenagesons Tue 29-Mar-11 19:21:02

She was definitely for real but she was not prepared to listen to any advice given by people who had alot of experience in the system. OliPolly - noone was begrudging her son (or her) success or happiness, but if she has taken the st Olaves place and sits him for common entrance in year 8 she will have taken someone elses place away from them.

suppermummy Thu 08-Sep-11 20:49:34

My son sat for the interview at Eton .Unfortunetly he didnt make it.
Is there anything thing i can do ...he is very disappointed and is very keen to sit fot music scholarship...this is for 2013 entry.

IndridCold Sun 11-Sep-11 09:53:22

Hi suppermummy - the best thing is to call the Tutor for Admissions, the people there are very helpful.

I think that you can take the scholarship if you don't have a place but you have to do very well at Common Entrance, up to Eton's required standard.

Good luck to your DS!

Colleger Tue 13-Sep-11 20:14:36

Hi supper mummy,

My son sits for Eton in November and if he doesn't get in then we are definitely trying for a music scholarship. Bear in mind however that the scholarships are super competitive and tend to be filled by boys who are choristers or Oriental boys with grade 8+ on both piano and violin.

Would be interested to know what school he goes to. Another thing is if he didn't even get a B place then it's unlikely he will get in.

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