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Duke of Ed, What can a 13 yr old do for voluntary work?

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serin Sat 29-Jan-11 14:39:11

She has already been rejected as too young to help with charity shop work by Scope and BHF and is too young to help out in any NHS establishment.

Nothing available at school either, she can ride and plays music to a high level and is good at art. She would like to help out with little kids but all the toddlers groups are when she is at school.

What did your kids do or are doing?

onimolap Sat 29-Jan-11 14:41:09

In the Dark Ages when I did this, I helped out at the Brownies. Any such groups round your way?

manyskillz Sat 29-Jan-11 14:44:21

St johns ambulance have 13 year old volunteers I think.

seeker Sat 29-Jan-11 14:44:45

Rainbows or Beavers?

My dd is a little older and she is helping out with Scouts.

kayah Sat 29-Jan-11 14:45:16

Would there be a charity which provides some help in care homes - she can go and play her instrument for them for entartainment.

Feegle Sat 29-Jan-11 14:46:13

Mine teaches music at a charity (music lessons for children that cannot pay for them) but she is younger. Are there any near you that you could ask.

pozzled Sat 29-Jan-11 14:47:05

Yes, if she likes children I would suggest contacting the local Beavers or Rainbow groups if there are any.

ginmakesitallok Sat 29-Jan-11 14:47:21

why not call in at your local volunteer centre and see what they suggest?

sausagerolemodel Sat 29-Jan-11 14:49:15

These people can help l/VolunteerCentreFinderGoogle.htm

maryz Sat 29-Jan-11 14:51:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

upahill Sat 29-Jan-11 14:53:42

Ds went to his old cub pack and did his 3 months vol work there.

grovemum Sat 29-Jan-11 15:07:02

Helping out at a local library. Homework club and back office work and shelving.

mummytime Sat 29-Jan-11 15:34:07

Son helped with an after school club. She could do some fund raising. Look at the D of E website for ideas.

abouteve Sat 29-Jan-11 15:44:31

Mine did Rainbows for bronze and made up member packs for a charity for silver, which was for the charity I work for.

haggis01 Sat 29-Jan-11 15:44:42

Does her primary school have after school clubs the teachers she knew might let her help with. My DD was able to help at her old eco club.Some of her friends did things as simple as walking a neighbour's dog.

I agree that it is very difficult to find voluntary work that your DC really want to get involved in.

ivykaty44 Sat 29-Jan-11 15:51:46

She would like to help out with little kids but all the toddlers groups are when she is at school.
after school clubs take 4 year olds, so not toddlers may she coudl possible help out after school.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 29-Jan-11 15:53:07

You may well have a Volunteers bureau - phone your local council and ask.

Cadmum Sat 29-Jan-11 16:02:44

I was in Canada but worked as a Volunteer (aptly called volunteens) at the local hospital. I delivered flowers, refreshed water pitchers, fed the elderly, took patients outside for fresh air (or the have a smoke)...

I don't know if there are similar programs in the UK...

Dh helped at the volunteer fire hall.

Could she read to the elderly in a nursing home? Lend a hand at RSPCA?

bestdaysofmylife Sat 29-Jan-11 18:43:52

Riding for the disabled, if there are any near you?

serin Sat 29-Jan-11 19:02:25

Thankyou all.

Riding for the disabled would be wonderful but the nearest group (that has sessions outside school hours) is nearly 30 miles away.

She was never very fond of brownies herself, she didn't really get on with the leader (that would be me hmm) but she thinks that would be a good idea now. She is also thinking about the St John Ambulance option.

Would attendance at Air Cadets count? She is due to start that in March.

We just feel that we haven't really been given any advice or information at all by the school. Didn't even know that DofE had its own website.

What is a firehall cadmum?

Butterbur Sat 29-Jan-11 19:05:38

Some of the smaller charity shop eg for a local hospice, are less picky, age wise. DS1 started at one when he was 14, and spends an hour a week sorting out books and arranging them on the shelves etc.

sue52 Sat 29-Jan-11 23:04:51

DD has helped out in a local charity shop from age 14.

bruffin Sun 30-Jan-11 14:00:16

My DD is 13 and not doing DofE yet (I thought you had to be 14) They atart at year 10 at DCs school.
DD volunteers at an integrated play scheme Chips

Our local mariners base also has volunteers but again I think you have to be 14.

bruffin Sun 30-Jan-11 14:04:06

Just looked up the website and it is 14 for DofE.Can't she wait a few months until she is old enough and start then.

crazycarol Sun 30-Jan-11 14:43:07

You do need to be 14 years to start the DoE programme, and any "service" before you officially start cannot be counted. I run a Brownie pack and regularly have girls along to help who are doing all levels of the DoE. We recently had a girl (or really an adult!) complete her Gold. Very often they come along to complete the service part and end up staying after it is completed because they love working with the girls.

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