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A level easter revision courses

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Batteryhuman Fri 28-Jan-11 16:26:51

Does anyone have any recommendations? DS is really struggling with one subject (hates the teachers so misses lessons). I thought maybe an intensive easter course would help.

Somewhere within reach of Guildford, not sure we can afford residential.

gingeroots Fri 28-Jan-11 17:35:24

I've used Justin Craig for DS ,they have details of locations on website ,think one is near Guildford .
DS enjoyed the AS courses he did .I really can't say how much impact they had on his results - he just won't put the hours in left to himself and I'm not sure that the 3 days with JC were sufficient to mitigate his lack of effort .

Batteryhuman Fri 28-Jan-11 18:00:44

Thanks. I'll have a look at their website. DS just stops going to lessons if he falls out with the teacher. He did it last year with AS french (got an E) and looks to be heading the same way with Psychology. Infuriating as he is perfectly able.

squeezedatbothends Mon 31-Jan-11 14:15:39

Good grief - if he ever grows up and hates his boss will you pay for him to jack his job in? Not liking people is part and parcel of life - rather than grappling around paying a fortune for revision classes, perhaps you should be teaching him something about taking responsibility for his own future. My DS is taking A Levels, hates one of his teachers but has to just get on with it. He needs 3 As for Oxford, if he doesn't get them, he's not going to fall back on the 'rubbish teacher' excuse. No-one to blame but himself. Sorry - I know this sounds rude, but at some point our kids are going to be out there on their own and we need to let them make their own mistakes or what kind of world will they create?

mummytime Mon 31-Jan-11 16:59:58

Charterhouse does As A'level revision courses too. (I'd prefer to Justin Craig tbh.) Does his school do any revision sessions?

Batteryhuman Mon 31-Jan-11 17:46:22

I am fully aware of my son's need to take responsibility for his own future, thanks, but in the meantime there is a gap in the syllabus that needs filling and an Alevel to get through. That is why I am asking for recommendations of revision courses and not for parenting advice.

Thanks Mummytime. I'll have a look at Charterhouse, though the prices may be too high.

FrumpyintheFrost Mon 31-Jan-11 18:34:00

Might it be better to gat a weekly tutor? Sorry, don't know how the prices would compare and am just thinking it might be less stressful for your son?

Renniehorta Tue 01-Feb-11 12:59:41

batteryhuman I had just this problem with my ds at GCSE and AS. I am writing this to give you hope. My ds walked out of A2 after a week.

He had met an American girl online and was desperate to get the money to go to see her. I was horrified about the whole situation but it was the best thing that could have happened. He worked for 6 months at a famous fast food establishment, which he hated but stuck at. He would even walk miles through the snow so he could save the bus fare.

He went off to the US for 3 months but came back a different person. He finished his studies with the OU, I never ever had to nag him to do it, and he got great grades. He is now in year 3 at a RG uni, on a year abroad. He has just 'got over himself' and has found a subject he loves to study. He has had all sorts of issues over the last 3 years but he is now just sufficiently grown up to see the bigger picture.

So take heart!

hotspot Tue 08-Feb-11 00:11:51

Of the schools that come to mind are: Wellington College, Magdalen College and Harrow but might be worth looking at websites of boarding schools in your area which can offer non residential places.

A recent article in the Independent suggested Easter revision courses were filling up fast with students who dare't miss their offer grades for fear of paying tuition fees. Worth searching and booking early. Best of luck.

travellingmom Fri 03-Feb-12 08:46:41

I also used Justin Craig with my boys. Last year my son was feeling very wobbly about 2 subjects. He took an Easter Revison course with JC and came out with A's- Great result. Certainly worth the extra effort. I keep telling my boys the more work you put in now the more choices you will have later. I checked the website and they run courses at Guildford County School. Actually they have 20 centres and I see some are residential. It worked for us- Good Luck.

trixie123 Sat 04-Feb-12 21:55:07

I enrolled as a tutor for Justin Craig. Haven't yet done a course for them but was impressed with their approach - tutors get a list of who will attend the course and what their specific requirements are. Overheard some of my 6th form students talking about them too and they seemed to rate them.

donethis4timesover Wed 11-Feb-15 11:32:44

There are lots of independent sixth form colleges that provide excellent Easter Revision courses. You might contact them and see what they can offer you.
There's also a very useful website; that provides great hints and tips on how to revise effectively.
Four hours a day of exam directed study during the Easter holidays definitely helped my kids...

chardog Tue 04-Apr-17 19:11:12

Does anyone have any experience or comments on MPW Collingwood Easter revision courses in London. I am about to enrol my son for English and Media. The cost is eye watering and I'm reluctant to press Go for all the reasons we can all imagine but private tutoring which I have explored is going to cost roughly the same by the time we book out all the hours. I just don't want anyone to say 'it depends on the individual'!! Any experience of these courses most welcome. Thanks.

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