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How would I go about finding a tutor (yr 10)

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AtYourCervix Fri 21-Jan-11 08:46:22

DD is doing nicely but finds maths a struggle, not hugely butenough for her to worry about it. I'm wondering if having a tutor might give her a boost in the right direction.

The only other thing that is a problem is she is a bit dyslexic and cannot spell, which drags down her English marks.

Any ideas? is extra help worth it to boost marks by a few points. (teachers are predicting Bs in maths and english at GCSE and As in everything else)?

mummytime Fri 21-Jan-11 09:09:07

Talk to the teachers to find out what areas she should work on, and if they can recommend anyone. Then talk to everyone and see if anyone can recommend any one (especially people with older kids). There are also some good agencies, but make sure you are not committed after one session in case they don't gel.

CrosswordAddict Fri 21-Jan-11 10:32:59

Ask other parents for local tutors. Try to find one your daughter likes - that's the most important thing, not always the highest qualifications.
Word of mouth is best but small ads in local shops/noticeboards/parish mag or similar are just as good. Most tutors are only too willing to give names of people who have used them so you can phone them for a reference.
TBH she would need a Maths tutor and an English tutor so it could be time consuming and expensive.
Also her grades sound OK to me. Is she really that keen to find a tutor?

Yoursmartchildnow Sun 13-Feb-11 17:51:22

Message deleted

pagwatch Sun 13-Feb-11 17:53:10

find out how to spell Egham!
And lay off the !!!!!!!!s

Ponders Sun 13-Feb-11 17:59:20

I don't think the dimwit is actually reading any posts, pag

Deaddei Sun 13-Feb-11 19:02:40

Kristy love Just do one. Nobody will email you.

reepacheep Thu 08-Sep-11 19:17:17

Maths tutor needed for dd following igcse course,this year,north london

Talker2010 Thu 08-Sep-11 19:46:38


kritur Thu 08-Sep-11 20:06:11

Personal recommendation is by far the best. I haven't advertised for quite a few years now. As someone else has said find someone who your daughter gets on with, as long as they are qualified and have experience then the level of qualification doesn't really matter. I tutor GCSE maths although I am actually a chemistry teacher (I've taught GCSE maths at school though) and my highest qualification is GCSE maths A*. I specialise in girls who lack confidence and tend to do foundation paper or the lower end of higher. I seem to do well with the girls because they see me as a girl (I'm 31 but hey!) who is good at maths but not a maths teacher (so not a complete nerd). I explain to all the mums that I'm not a trained maths teacher but no-one seems to mind!

MrsRobertDuvall Thu 08-Sep-11 20:15:54

We have a tutor for dd yr 10 for maths, which has made a huge difference to her confidence and grades.
It's her godmother, so we are lucky, but we are still looking for a suitable science tutor for her.

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