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Hampton / LEH - after state primary?

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AlaskaHQ Mon 17-Jan-11 13:41:12

Is it possible to get to Hampton School or Lady Eleanor Hollis (at 11) from a state primary school, or do you basically need to have been in an private (& academic) prep school beforehand.

Is there any chance (assuming DS & DD bright enough) of a scholarship, from a state primary?

State primary in question would be Cleves Junior School, Weybridge.

I'd always really liked the sound of Hampton & LEH, but private school fees all they way through has never been an option. We might be able to manage it from 11 though, for the right school.

Any thoughts welcome.

thanksalot Mon 17-Jan-11 13:52:57

Yes, it's absolutely possible to get scholarship from state primary.

I believe the majority intake at 11+ is from state schools. Hampton has another intake at 13+ which I guess is mainly from private.

stillfeel18inside Mon 17-Jan-11 13:56:16

I know 2 boys in my DS1's year (state primary) who got scholarships to Hampton last year. Only thing to bear in mind is that a scholarship isn't usually worth a high proportion of fees (25% at Hampton I think?)

thanksalot Mon 17-Jan-11 14:04:17

From what I gather Hampton's scholarships seem a bit variable (and possibly negotiable?). I heard from 10% to 50% last year.

Horton Mon 17-Jan-11 14:11:09

I don't see why not. I went to SPGS from a very ordinary state primary.

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 17-Jan-11 14:51:10

Yes, perfectly do able, every year a bunch went from DC's primary to both. Neither was for us because we wanted co ed, but certainly do-able!

willow Mon 17-Jan-11 15:43:06

Hampton's intake is approximately 75% state. Hope that helps.

2B1Gmum Mon 17-Jan-11 18:10:48

Two boys at Hampton, one from state had 2 terms of tutoring at 11 now L6 hardworking, bright doing well - the other prep school for 4 years passed 10+ never been near a tutor. The 10+ gives a good indication if your son sits without any tutoring as to whether he might have a chance of scholarship. There is no separate paper for scholarship - everyone who sits the 11+ is automatically considered for academic, if they get an exceptionally high score they have a scholarship interview - other scholarships for music, choral, all rounder - check prospectus. But I also hear the amounts involved aren't huge and the pressure is on to perform at a very high level throughout their school career (hence didn't tutor my second for 11+ just for sake of scholarship as he can be a bit lazy and wouldn't like the pressure). Having said that he is under pressure and the school fees go up and up so be prepared.

LittleCheesyPineappleOne Mon 17-Jan-11 19:25:25

I hope so, as my three will all go state and we'll be trying for LEH /Hampton in the fullness of time. I think most of the v selective schools do have high proportions of state educated pupils as they genuinely only want the brightest, rather than the most coached.

basildonbond Mon 17-Jan-11 21:33:40

well, up until this week I'd have said yes, but a friend's daughter didn't even get an interview at LEH despite being in the top sets all the way through primary

andiem Mon 17-Jan-11 22:26:34

my ds has just had an interview at hampton and he is from a state primary, he also has an interview at KGS so it is entirely possible.

AlaskaHQ Tue 18-Jan-11 08:31:55

andiem, what is KGS that you mention?

Thank you everyone for the replies .... good to hear.

CarrotsAreNotTheOnlyVegetables Tue 18-Jan-11 12:26:18

Yes and yes.

It might be worth getting a bit of tutoring in the run up to the exams to fill in any gaps that have not been covered at school but lots of DCs get in to both schools from state primaries, and get awarded scholarships.

At Hampton a very large proportion of the 11+ entry are from state as most private boys preps go to 13. So the 13+ is predominantly from private.

Girls preps mostly go to 11 so there is no 13+ at LEH. The 11+ intake there is therefore state and private.

Sorry about the news for your friend basildon, it is very tough to get into for anyone. There will have been a lot of private prep pupils in her position as well.

Alaska - KGS is Kingston Grammar, which is co-ed so an option for DDs and DSs. They have 11+ and 13+ intake the same as Hampton.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 18-Jan-11 14:20:09

Although KGS are now going to focus on 11+ entry. No more CE boys coming in at 13 although there will be a 13+ exam for a very small minority.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Tue 18-Jan-11 15:56:28

Dont' know how it works at Hampton & LEH, but I know a boy with a scholarship @ KCS ( another TLA! = Kings College Wimbledon) who is under immense pressure to keep up the standard to kep the scholarship - there it is not a one-time thing and would not like that kind of constant pressure on a child. My DS is at a different school and I got an email from one of his teachers at Xmas saying 'if xxxx wants to be sure of getting scholarship at 13+ he will have to keep up the hard work over the Xmas hols' hmm We had no idea that DS was likely to get a scholarship of any kind(he doesn't tell us much grin. Have told him, we're not bothered - up to him - certainly no dishonour if he doesn't - he has to have some downtime!!!!)

andiem Tue 18-Jan-11 19:17:48

KGS is kingston grammar

harrassedswlondonmum Tue 18-Jan-11 22:10:10

Plenty of boys go to Hampton from state schools but this year it seems more than usual from our primary have already been turned down including my ds. LEH has far fewer state school pupils than Hampton - in my dd's class there are probably about 3 at most from state schools including her.

It is perfectly possible but very competitive. I would say that if your child is top of his/her class or very near the top they have every chance. If they are more in the middle - even in a very good standard state primary, then it will be tough. My ds is comfortably well in top half of top maths set, predicted all good level 5s for sats but has not made the grade for Hampton.

stillfeel18inside Wed 19-Jan-11 08:59:36

harrassedswlondonmum - sorry to hear your DS didn't get into Hampton - my DS1 didn't last year and was the same sort of level. Hope he (and you) aren't feeling too down. Do you mind me asking where else you have applied for? (Trying to get some ideas for DS2 who isn't actually as academic as DS1 who goes to kgs)

willow Wed 19-Jan-11 13:05:01

If it's any consolation, I've heard that Hampton is having a smaller intake this year than last as there simply isn't the space for another bulge-class year.

andiem Wed 19-Jan-11 14:49:00

When we went for ds1's interview on monday the head at hampton said they are sticking to a strict 120 this year as they have too many in current year's 1 and 2. He also said standard was very high this year.
My ds1 is in top groups in his state primary and predicated 5's for sats so it must be very tight this year or there was a miracle during the exam grin

AlaskaHQ Thu 20-Jan-11 13:33:19

Thanks for all the comments everyone. Really appreciated.

harrassedswlondonmum Fri 21-Jan-11 14:03:48

Stillfeel18inside - thanks for your commiserations! We have an interview coming up for KGS so fingers crossed. We've also applied for Latymer (not too optimistic), Emanuel and Radnor Hse (new school opening in Twickenham). It really is so much harder for the boys - much more choice and spaces for girls. If we get KGS we will be thrilled - are you pleased with it?

Just our luck for Hampton to be restricting numbers this year...Was really down last week but feeling more optimistic now.

jackstarb Fri 21-Jan-11 15:02:32

Kingston Grammar School have seemly pulled out of the 13+ entry. So a better chance for state primary pupils at 11, as there will be more placed.

LEH have a prep which fills up about a third of their senior places. Also several local preps (TPS, Newland House) are big feeders. But girls also have Surbiton and St Catherines locally as well as KGS.

Harassed - best of luck for your ds.

harrassedswlondonmum Thu 10-Mar-11 22:31:50

Quick PS from me - ds is going to Latymer. In the end he had offers from all but Hampton. I can only conclude that these two schools are looking for very different things! I know/know of several who were turned down by Hampton without an interview and are going to Latymer, and vice-versa. Having come through the process with a happy outcome I'm still not sure I am any the wiser! confused

lemonysnickett Fri 11-Mar-11 00:30:21

I do thnk you can get into any school from anywhere if you prepare enough. Basically very high level maths prbably year 7/8 and good wtiting/comprehension skills. My DD sat tests this year and found the actual exams harder than the samples and she was high year 7 (Level 6). If you plan carefully, lots of past papers Maybe consider a GOOD tutor if you can but competitve schools just want the ones that score high ...doesn't matter where from. GOOD LUCK

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