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My year 7 son has just received his first school report, please help

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andellewi Sat 15-Jan-11 19:05:25

My son has just had his first school report. I was please initially as he has mainly A's and B's and the ticks indicate that he is progressing as expected towards his targets. This is where I am confused. What do the target numbers mean. His targets are 5's and 6's but does this mean he is bright or under average. The report doesn't mean alot unless I understand what the target numbers mean. Can anyone help me?

1234ThumbScrew Sat 15-Jan-11 19:07:59

4b is the average they're expected to reach at the end of year 6. My dd in year 7 has been given 6's as targets, but is in an very academic school. What did he get in his SATs?

pozzled Sat 15-Jan-11 19:15:49

Yes,presumably they are National Curriculum levels, so targets of 5 and 6 for Year 7 are average or above.

andellewi Sat 15-Jan-11 19:15:50

We're in Wales and they haven't done Sats in welsh schools for a long time. They did obviously have tests but the parents where never told what they were and even more importantly what the results were. The secondary school he attends is supposed to have an excellent record for results. Am I right in assuming he is above average do you think?

1234ThumbScrew Sat 15-Jan-11 19:17:48

Well 5's are the highest they can get in the year 6 SATS, I'm fairly sure they're about right for year 7. So, I'd say he's average to above.

andellewi Sat 15-Jan-11 19:20:54

They do adhere to the National Curriculum, I only hope he can maintain this level especially in English, Maths and Science. Unfortunately, alot depends on whether he likes the teacher or not I'm afraid, he can be rather difficult sometimes! He loathed primary school and his final report wasn't great, he'd been bullied off and on. He tends to get very upset over things.

Thanks for your help, I'm very grateful.

Goingspare Sun 16-Jan-11 19:51:28

If 4B is average at the end of year 6, 5B is presumably average for year 7, so it sounds as if he's doing well. As and Bs would tend to suggest that he's doing fine.

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