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How to stress somebody!

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missdisorganised1 Thu 13-Jan-11 09:09:40

It is soon going to be the first anniversary of Mum and Dad being killed so I went to the school office to book the day off.

I was feeling a bit sad but OK. "I need to book day the th off please"


"It is for a family event"

"I need to know more than that"

"It is the first anniversary ... pause"

"Of what, I need to know for the records"

"Of my Mum and Dad being killed"

"Oh, OK, I will let you know if that is acceptable"

Ooopsadaisy Thu 13-Jan-11 09:15:06

Doesn't sound like that person was really listening.

Either that or they have no heart, soul or brain.

They may be alien.

I am so sorry for you. I hope you are able to spend the day in the way that gives you the most comfort. Don't let heartlessness or lack of compassion spoil your memories.

BeerTricksPotter Thu 13-Jan-11 09:23:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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