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Very shouty new teacher

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mrsrhodgilbert Wed 12-Jan-11 18:20:27

My 14yr old dd (yr9) has had a new IT teacher since the start of this term, new to the school too. Apparently he has been pretty much screaming at the class for the slightest thing, being more or less nose to nose with pupils shouting. I did ask dd if she thought he had ever taught before and she said he had worked in IT before. She said he was late 40s, which could actually mean anything from 25 to 65!

She has of course experienced teachers who shout before, but this seems to be on a whole new level. We have parents evening in 2 weeks ahead of choosing options and I very much want to see this man, even though I suspect he will have little to tell me as he is so new.

Would it be in any way appropriate to mention the shouting? I know some teachers come down hard at the beginning but this seems extreme and cannot be acceptable long term. There is much taught about mutual respect in school and this misses it by a country mile. Any views?

campion Wed 12-Jan-11 20:00:16

Shouting and coming down hard are not the same thing. He's out of his depth if he's resorting to screaming at them.

To my mind it's a form of abuse to be screamed at regularly in school. My last school specialised in this, esp SMT! I was appalled.

If it's true (if) then it'd be reasonable to take it up with school.

If he's been working in IT up till now and then jumped into a secondary school, he's probably had the shock of his life!!

Athrawes Wed 12-Jan-11 20:08:31

Poor teacher man needs a better mentor. It's a default position most of us come to under stress, to shout, but with kids in school it doesn't work and they tend to react badly and make you, the teacher more stressed. I would suggest a chat with his HOD and that the new teacher be given guidance in the power of using a very quiet voice. If he is new to teaching he should be getting this support and going to the HOD will bring the issue to a head without making it seem like a personal attack at parents evening.

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