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Habs. Monmouth School or Christ College

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StaceyShipman Sun 02-Jan-11 21:09:23

About to go and view both these schools as a boarding option for 13yo DD.

As I am new to the area I would be grateful of local opinions or details of personal experience.

I am neither for or against co-ed/single sex having experienced both 1st hand myself and aware of the pros and cons of each - so thats not really an issue for me, its more academic and pastoral care etc etc.


marialuisa Mon 03-Jan-11 13:47:38

Know both schools quite well and have relatives at both. Habs is bigger than Christs (but still not massive) nd i understand that boarding numbers have been rising. Have a male cousin in Y10 at Christs who is happy enough. Is Llandovery College too far from you to be another option?

FlankerMum Mon 03-Jan-11 17:47:05

Hi Stacey. My DS is at Christ College in year 8 and we are very happy. He loves his school and already feels a huge loyalty and identity there. His confidence has soared also, helped I'm sure by the hugely positive and caring atmosphere. Pastoral care is very strong and the staff do genuinely seem to know each child extremely well. It is clear that they really are committed to getting the best out of the children - not by being pushy but by identifying and encouraging their strengths and providing more help in areas of weakness.

Class sizes are currently 10-12 in core subjects and 22 for other things but this will increase in year 9, although not above 18 for core subjects if I remember correctly.

There are a good number of day pupils as well as borders / flex-borders and friendship groups span both with no real cliquiness to be seen so far.

I'm waffling on bit now so anything you would like to know more about just message me. The Christ College website gives a good flavour of what's going on as well as all the usual Info.

Hope this helps.

Mum72 Sat 08-Jan-11 18:39:02

We are also considering habs for our DD. Also boarding from age 13 in Sept 2012.

We have been a few times for a look around and really like the school.

The relatively new head seems to be doing alot to boost the boarding numbers and there is talk of a new boarding house being built as numbers are on the up. The girls seemed lovely and what we really loved was the distinct lack of snobby stuffiness we have felt at some other schools. There seems to be a very wide choice of subjects and languages which suits our DD very well.

We are yet to register our DD but intend to make one more visit and then will probably register her.

I would also be very keen to hear from anyone with recent experience of the school.

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