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Choosing a Secondary School in Winchester

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Beanzy Thu 16-Dec-10 12:11:38

I've just registered and have been reading some of the discussions going on. It would be great if I could get anyones thoughts & opinions on this....

We have a 15 month old son and are planning to move to a bigger house next Spring as we have now outgrown what was my husband's smallish ex-batchelor pad!

This of course raises the question, which school catchment(s) should we consider. We feel that the most important part of schooling is secondary school and so of course we're keen to move into the catchment area for the best secondary school for our son.

I have looked at the Ofstead reports which has helped but I also think its really important to get local parents' opinions i.e what schools are like, straight from the horses mouth! I appreciate that in 10 year's time, things may be different but for now we will need to go with current opinion, which is where I'm hoping Mumsnetters will help.

Please let me know what you think of the Winchester state schools and what your experiences of them are. (We may consider independents too) confused. Thankyou very much!

Talkinpeace Thu 16-Dec-10 19:51:24

Put it this way, not many people in Winchester pay for schooling.
The buses to Westgate and Kings come in from all around. They are both excellent.

Winchester college - if thats your thing.
St Swithuns - friends have pulled their kids out as it was too hothouse.

Sixthform - Peter Symonds gets belting results and sends lots of kids to Oxbridge / Russell group. A lot of local people send their kids to private (HCS, Godolphin etc) and then on to Peter Symonds.

And that has been the situation for many years, but the parking in Winchester gets steadily worse!!

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