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Help DD needs me and I have no idea what to do

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Parsgirl Mon 13-Dec-10 06:18:28 32-Glandular-Fever?msgid=22706909#22706909

Hopefully, this works if not will cut and paste it.

Parsgirl Mon 13-Dec-10 06:19:44

Okay am an eejit cut and paste time!

Hi I am looking for some advice/guidance. My 13 in January DD was diagnosed with GF in September. Doc suspects by then she had had it for two months. She diagnosed it after she had seen DD a few times previously with recurring headaches and general tiredness. DD was okay but after a few attempts of trying to get her to school normally was signed off for two weeks. Every time she went to school she would get a new 'virus' and be knackered and poorly. She ended up having three weeks off and has gone back to school now full time with no PE. She hates school and both DH and I have been in to see what we can do but it boils down to her not having a BF in her class someone she can 'rely' on. It only takes one 'bad' thing to happen in class for her to have a GF 'headache' and the sore throat starts soon after. I don't know what to do - we can't move her schools, the school can't move her into a class with the friend she wants to be with and my gorgeous girl is stressing so much it's making the illness harder to shake. I know she is at risk from CFS and I feel like I can't stop it happening. I know there are two separate issues here but for my DD the main one is not having a good friend in the class. Sorry it's rambling am stuck on what to do

Parsgirl Mon 13-Dec-10 06:20:15

I responded to some of the replies with this...

She does have friends in other classes and one 'best friend' in another class so is fine at break. But she says she needs someone in her class. She was bullied last year but that child was asked to leave the school, not just because of what he did to my DD, but she says everyone in her class has a good friend and she doesn't. She is also quite mature in some ways and is picky about her friends to the point of 'Mum, they bore me they talk about silly things'. This morning she has gone to school with a notebook and is going to write down all the things that happen in her class that as far as she is concerned will 'show' the assistant head' why her classes behaviour is unacceptable and she can't learn in it. I honestly could throttle her sometimes. Her teachers say she appears fine when in class and I know this is true. She has 'friends' in there but not a BF. But if the class find the notebook she is liable NOT to have anyone at all. I know she sounds like a complete (add a name) but she really is a gorgeous, loving, clever and fun girl who is just a bit different fom her peers and struggling. The more I write the more I agree that whilst her sensitivity might stem from the GF I am looking at another issue altogether. I will move this to education but appreciate your feeback so far.

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