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magicwand Thu 02-Dec-10 19:56:56

Any advice on taking the LAMDA speech and drams exams? My 14 year old DS is going to start on his grade 6 exams. He can do a maximum of 4. Should he do all 4? Will it help in universtiy applications? He does not want to do drama at uni.I know its a bit early to be thinking about university but we need to decide on the LAMDA exams now. Because if he does not do all the 4 in grade 6, he will not be able to do those for grades 7 and 8 either.I have heard its a lot of work.

mycatunderstandsme Fri 03-Dec-10 10:32:11

Does he know what this will involve?

My DD is taking her Grade 6 Acting in January. Learning the 2 pieces required for this is do-able with her school work and other drama/singing/dance lessons but I think it would be virtually impossible to learn all the pieces required for 4 exams at once.

DD is thinking of drama at Uni so is keen to get to Grade 8 and pass with a good mark. She may do Lamda musical theatre also but has not decided yet. She certainly won't do 4 exams.

If your son is not going to do drama at Uni I can't see why more than 1 exam would be needed. In theory you do get UCAS points for each but I think most good Universities specify grades rather than points anyway.

magicwand Sat 04-Dec-10 12:29:12

Thanks a lot for the reply.

He knows what is involved since he has done all the 4 exams upto grade 5.

His drama teacher says he should do all 4 sice he is capabale but I am not sure because as you say all the good universities see grades and not UCAS points.So why put in so much effort for this?

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