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How to / if to change his school - Moving in with new partner

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Bonita1970 Mon 29-Nov-10 15:05:23

New to this board but have read its useful threads on many occasions.

Have been a single mum for many years but two years in to my relationship with truly lovely OH have decided its time to take the plunge and move in together. The main restraint is schools.

Would rather move to his than he to mine -all sorts of reasons (and yes I do appreciate this will be a big step for my boys)but area just better altogether, easier commute for both of us etc etc. I anticiapte tthe boy's father is okay, if not thrilled with the move - its about 50 mins away (not in rush hour though).

Trouble is my eldest is currently in a okay but not great school and the schools in OH area are great but over-subscribed. Not sure how to deal with the proof of address issue and all the other issues.

Has any one else been in a similar situation who knows how to deal or have any practical advice re attempting to switch schools mid -year etc.


admission Mon 29-Nov-10 21:48:53

The issue is going to be that the LA who are responsible for the admissions process will want to see proof of where you are living. That is obviously not going to be that easy straight away, so i think that before you actually take the plunge I would email the admissions office of the LA and ask them what proof they would need, having explained the difficulty.
If they are over-subscribed there is a good chance that you will have to go to appeal to have a chance of getting a place at a local school. How old are your boys? If they are still infant age then this could present a real problem because you may fall foul of the infant class size regulations that would mean that you will not get a place at a local school.

Bonita1970 Tue 30-Nov-10 16:26:42

Thanks so much for the reply

Have just spoken to school admissions and been told its utilities bill, council tax or mortgage statements in my name for proof of address. I guess OH is likely to agree to me being responsible for his bills...

However she also told me that for us secondary is likely to be the problem. All local schools very good but very over-subscribed. OH lives practically next door (0.2 miles crow flies) to a great school - checked and their admission criteria was teh usual sibling claims then distance. Does this usually apply to waiting lists too? - so if we are closer we will be higher up the list than someone further away but who had been on the list longer?

Also we were intending to rent my house and live in his - can I legitimately delay the move waiting on the list and just live with OH outside of term time? Obviously don't want to disrupt son's education until I need to. Also what happens if little one gets a decent place but its waiting list for the older one. Can I do the oldest son's form first and wait to do the little ones? What a minefield? I guess everyone trying to move to a good school area mid-year gets this - but how do you get through it all?

Also by infant did you mean infant/junior - little one is 8.

Thanks again

Greenshadow Tue 30-Nov-10 16:51:27

I know most local education authorities vary as to how they apply criteria, but I would have though that criteria (ie distance) takes precedence over time in the list.

We had a similar situation when we moved several years ago.
One DS got a place at the local school but his brother didn't so went on the waiting list. Almost immediately a place came up and because he now had a sibling at the school, he was at the top of the waiting list, despite only just having joined it.

admission Wed 01-Dec-10 20:22:58

All admissions to any school have to be in strict order based on the admission criteria. So yes you should be near the top of the waiting list if you are living with your OH and the LA accept the proof of this. I would also go to appeal for any secondary child, because the ability of a secondary school to cope with one extra pupil is normally greater than at a primary school.

Do not try and bounce between two houses you will almost for sure fall foul of the LA and you could then lose any place gained. You either live with the OH or not.

If little one is 8, they are out of infant stage of any primary school, so you have a slightly better chance of getting in to a school. I would be tempted to accept the advise of the LA that the problem position is the secondary school. So move, get the proof and apply for a place at the school and then see what happens

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