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secondary schools edinburgh

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petersbabe Tue 09-Nov-10 10:27:17

hello - i am Looking for help /advice - relocating from Northern ireland to edinburgh area with 3 children 14,12 and 9. Two older children currently in 12th best performing school in UK - very reluctant to move them - has anyone experience of moving kids of similar age and what are the good schools to try for as choice of where we live will be dictated by schools- looking to live on glasgow side of edinburgh confused

darleneconnor Thu 11-Nov-10 21:12:50

Do you understand the differences between Scottish education and the rest of the UK?

eg Standard grades/intermediates instead of GCSEs, 1 year Highers instead of A levels, the different age cut offs for entry into each year (feb/march vs August/Sept)

Edinburgh has a 25% private school rate. Some of these work on the English system so might be worth considering.

West of Edinburgh Linlithgow and Balerno are quite highly ranked. within the city Boroughmuir, the Royal high School and James Gillespie's are highest.

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