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Tiffin Girls or Nonsuch which do you like better

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Diki Thu 21-Oct-10 21:59:02

Could you please share your thoughts about Nonsuch and Tiffin Girls school. If you have a daughter in any of these schools are they happy there?
My DD is applying for these schools and we can't decide which to put as the first preference.
She passed a Nonsuch test with a good score. I am tempted to put Tiffin Girls first (she likes them both) but I am also afraid that this school is very demanding.
Nonsuch seemed to be a bit happier and friendlier school at the open evening.

modernista Sun 16-Oct-11 21:18:59

Hi Picking this thread up one year later, it seems we are in the same boat as DIKI last year. Diki, what did you finally choose and hope you daughter is happy with the choice made. We are finding it very difficult to decide what to put as first choice on the CAF, it might have been easier if we had the Tiffin results to hand.
Would love to hear from parents with DDs in the schools or those in with the same dilemma as us

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