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King Edwards School, Witley

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wrotham Sun 26-Sep-10 12:01:00

We are looking for a day school for our son in the area south of Guildford. We have visted and asked around about King Edwards in Witley but are having problems as to gauging the school. We have been twice and came out feeling rather flat although the pupil who showed us around was very good.
There is no information in the Good Schools Guide and asking around the area we have heard very mixed things. Anyone know the school? How academic is it? What is the teaching, sport, drama etc. like?

2shoes Sun 26-Sep-10 12:07:09

my DB used to work there(not as teaching staff) he really rated it.

Doryzurich Thu 03-Mar-11 15:05:10

Hi there, was wondering if anyone knows anything about King Edwards School in Witley? I've just been told by my husband that we're returning to UK within the next 6 months and need to get my 11year old into a private school somewhere in the South East. I've done a quick IB schools search and King Edwards looks great on the internet, but the independent schools report for 2010 mentions that it has a high ratio of kids requiring special learning assistance....this obviously isn't a problem in itself, but I'm not sure if the school is specialising in kids with learning difficulties. Does anyone out there know for sure? The school looks good, but can't find much on their GCSE results....any information would be gratefully received...I'm panicking as not really sure where to start looking for schools, let alone what their availability will be like!

mummytime Thu 03-Mar-11 17:04:18

There are loads of IB schools in the South East (lots in Surrey). King Edwards might have been somewhere to consider for us, but they still did Saturday school for the lower school then. My son liked the teacher he talked to, but didn't want to do Saturdays.

If I could afford it I would be considering ACS. Lots more schools are doing IB, but few do the middle years or early years as well, ACS does.

Doryzurich Thu 03-Mar-11 19:04:04

I couldn't get through to ACS today as they have two Inset I'm waiting for 9am Monday morning smile. Thanks for your feedback for King Edwards - as they have places we'll definitely put it down on our list of 'go to sees'.

Thanks again

elizadoo Fri 04-Mar-11 09:49:32

Are u talking about entry sept 2011? You need to call king ed today and go now - they are showing late intake parents round today and tomoro. They offered chance to those rejected from christs hospital and we just turned down seeing KE because decided to stick to school in London. I too wasn't sure whether it seemed to cater to special needs and kids from difficult backgrounds - cd be a dominating force since it's such a small school - 300 odd ...

Doryzurich Fri 04-Mar-11 11:59:52

Crikey - how do you find out about the special needs aspect/difficult backgrounds...would it be out of order for me to just call them and ask outright? Unfortunately, I'm stuck in Zurich with no way of getting to UK for another 2 weeks.

Should I be worried that KE seems to be the only school in Surrey that has spaces for Year 8 intake??

elizadoo Sat 05-Mar-11 08:49:35

Sorry - I really don't know answer. I guess u shd just ask. We were sent details of bursary and in that they said they have provision for kids from difficult situations or something of that nature ...

bensleyfamily Fri 11-Dec-15 10:30:27

UPDATE: in case anyone is googling to find feedback about this school. My son started in Year 7. I can't rate it highly enough. While there is provision to provide places for children from difficult situations, they do not look to take difficult children. The pastoral care is amazing. My son was bullied throughout primary school (he is currently undergoing assessment for Aspergers and children can be cruel to those who are different). There is zero tolerance of bullying and unkindness at this school. This has resulted in an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance. My son is happy at school for the first time in his life. If a child is happy, they learn better. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and approachable. They treat each child as an individual and do their utmost to get the best out of each child. The facilities are amazing. Great school!

Flyingmum23 Thu 14-Jan-16 11:44:55

I have just learnt that they are offering A level and the satirday school is for extra curriculum activities. What I cannot figure out is if the school maximises academic potential. The grades achieved in the website are quite generic. With the introduction of A levels will this school be more popular?. It does not look over subscribed.

Rosita Thu 20-Apr-17 14:42:27

Flyingmum23 - did you ever find out the answer to your questions? I have the same ones.
Any updates on this school would be great!

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